Monday, June 23, 2008

Forced Conversions to Islam

The threat of international communism has faded into obscurity. Instead of an era of peace and tranquility, we are now faced with the spectre of international Islam. In America , we complain about fundamentalist Christians who talk about the unbaptized going to hell. For non Muslims living in areas with a Muslim majority, hell is sometimes here on earth. Zanzibar was joined to Tanzania back in the 1960's Its overwhelming Muslim majority is a legacy of its days as the port of departure in the slave trade, in which Arab merchants bought slaves from warring tribes who customarily sold their defeated enemies.
This video is from Christian Broadcasting Network. It puts a human face on the worldwide problem of forced conversions to Islam. Egypt, Pakistan and other areas with a Muslim majority. This particular incident occurred in Zanzibar. Fortunately, the parents were able to find the girl, who was kidnapped a second time before being yet again freed.
Immigration from Islamic countries is bringing Muslims to North America and Europe. Honour killings of women and girls who take to Western ways have already been reported in Europe, America and Canada. In Australia and Europe, crimes are committed against non Muslim women who are held in utter contempt by many Muslim immigrants. Female genital mutilation as a feature of some Islamic subcultures is already being uncovered by law enforcement and child welfare authorities in the UK and Europe.
Do we really want to expand the tent of multiculturalism to these practices? There is a theology and a legal framework of tolerance that is built into our cultural framework. Are we going to step aside and see it dismantled?
There are many Muslims who have no desire to take away our G-d given free will. There are Islamic societies that are tolerant of different belief systems. These are the Muslims that we should welcome with open arms. Those who want to rob people of their free will should be fought and opposed without remorse. This should be the clear position of law enforcement and immigration in America and elsewhere.
America rejected religious compulsion very early in its national history. A desire never to return to such practices is deeply rooted in our national character. Those who wish to bring us back to the days of theocracy are welcome to remain home. There is a world of difference between being compelled by one's government and impelled by one's convictions. This freedom is dear to minorities in Muslim countries and it is treasured by most Americans as well. Sphere: Related Content

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