Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Indian Music From Silk Route

Silk Route is a musical group from India that was very popular in the 1990's. They produced several albums before splitting up. A couple of members of the group continue to be active in music. The group sings in Hindi. Their music is a fusion of Indian and western music. To me it sounds a bit like John Denver and Cat Stevens.
Bollywood movies have brought various forms of Indian music to European and American audiences. On a world scale, Bollywood is far more popular than Hollywood. The movies tend to have modesty guidelines that are far more stringent than those in European and American movies. This did not prevent the Taliban from banning Indian movies. Both Arabs and Jews from Arab countries provide an enthusiastic audience for Indian cinema. Israel has a full time Bollywood TV channel.The films tend to be about three hours long, with song and dance numbers worked into the sound track. In the former Soviet Union, many Russians also enjoy Indian movies. A famous Indian star, Raj Kapoor appeared in a Russian stadium to 50'000 fans.
Indian music has had its influence in the west, from the Beatles to Akvarium in Russia.
India is really a country of multiple nationalities that is held together by a colonial legacy and the English language. Having passed one billion in population, it is quite likely to surpass China in population. It is a country to watch as a new world economy ties us all closer together.
Indian music is rich and varied. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered Silk Route. Although it is unfortunate that the group broke up, I am sure that there will be other similar groups that provide a stylistic bridge between east and west.
About 5% of the world's population speaks English as a first language. Such a humbling thought makes me wonder about the musical treasures beyond our linguistic frontier. I am happy to share Silk Route's music with the readership of Rudi Stettner. As always, Rudi stettner and Magdeburger Joe listen to the world that listens to us. Sphere: Related Content

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