Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Would CNN Cover D Day?


Past wars in which America has fought were waged in an entirely different political climate. The Vietnam war was the first war fought with live real time media coverage. For the North Vietnamese, the American anti war movement was an important part of their strategy to defeat America. I used to look at photos of American and European antiwar demonstrations in the pages of the Vietnam Courier, a propaganda weekly published by the government of North Vietnam. American communists played their role as fifth columnists willingly in the name of "proletarian internationalism", much as members of the German American Bund were proud of their support for Hitler in the 1930's.
America was aware of the value of morale building during World War Two. Movies were made during the war to explain our country's objectives and to motivate our population. A clear sense of America's purpose in fighting coexisted with lively political debate and a vibrant electoral process. There was a clear sense that the survival of our way of life was dependent upon winning the war.
Within three months of 9/11 was an anti war demonstration in New York City to protest the war in Afghanistan. This demonstration was within walking distance of Ground Zero. I can not inagine such a demonstration in February 1942 in Honolulu near Pearl Harbour.
What would World War Two have been like with today's style of news coverage? Please click on the video in this posting to get a good idea of how D-Day would have been covered.
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