Monday, June 30, 2008

John McCain, A Decent Man

Notably absent from John McCain's campaign commercials is any use of his military service or other praiseworthy conduct in private life to increase his appeal to voters. This stands in marked contrast to John Kerry, who constantly invoked his eleven months in South Vietnam as an adornment to his qualifications

Now, the Democratic opposition has stooped to attacking McCain's military record with such thoughtful screeds as " Honestly, besides being tortured, what did McCain do to excel in the military?"
Retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark (No relation to Ramsey Clark) made the statement that McCain's military service did not qualify him to lead the country. It seems that McCain has considerably seniority in the U.S. Senate to Obama, but about this General Clark has no comment.
Anti McCain videos on You Tube sink to the nether regions of tastelessness. Some are claiming that McCain made propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese. Aside from some clips of McCain lying down with injuries from being ejected from his plane and being questioned by a Vietnamese interviewer, nothing has come up. I scanned a video in which Ron Paul was mentioned. They made the laughable claim that the videos had been labeled top secret by the U.S. government. Videos made for propaganda purposes stamped TOP SECRET. That's a chuckle. When John Kerry made videos attacking American troops serving in Vietnam, they were made in America without an NVA soldier standing over him.
McCain seems to be an intensely private individual. In South Carolina in 2000, opposition dirty tricksters started a whisper campaign that he had a "black baby". He and his wife had adopted a Bangladeshi girl with a multitude of medical problems from one of Mother Teresa's orphanages, securing medical help for her that saved her life. A show of righteous indignation at such bigoted sleeze probably would have swung the primary. But McCain thought of his family first, and their need for privacy before he thought of the electorate or the media. He is not a self promoter. He facilitated the adoption of another child abroad with medical needs and arranged that her extensive medical expenses be paid for her.
When I see a man that has done good deeds in private with no self promotion, or fanfare, it leads me to believe that his motives in seeking office are similarly worthy. I have heard stories about McCain meeting with lobbyists to hear their side of the story and tossing them out of his office with Trumanesque eloquence when they attempted to offer a bribe. If anyone wants to have a contest of private personal decency between John McCain and Barack Obama, I don't think McCain has much to fear.
I have serious questions about some calls McCain has made on the issues. His co-sponsorship of the McCain Feingold campaign finance reform bill was extremely misguided. He has said some things about immigration reform that should be challenged. What seems beyond reproach is his decency as a human being. He also seems to be someone who will give conservative viewpoints a fair hearing without demonising them. I believe he would give a fair hearing to liberals over whom he would preside.
Obama predicted that there would be a barrage of sleeze unleashed against him by his opponents in the Republican Party. Against McCain, the sleeze has already begun.

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The top video is about McCain's time in Hanoi. The next video is clips from John Kerry speeches.
The link in the middle of the article is just so you would't think I was making things up. The last article linked at the end of this posting is about John McCain as a person
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