Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Looking to 2008

It looks like Barack Hussein Obama will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. If this is so, then my focus will be on John McCain. He presides over a Republican party with many divisions. There is the religious right, there are libertarians, there are proponents of globalism and there are protectionists. Most important about our next President will be the opportunities he will have to fill seats on the Supreme Court. It is critical that nominees be motivated by an attempt to discern the intent of the founding fathers. Barack Hussein Obama is likely to choose those who would legislate from the bench. There is more reason to be optimistic about McCain nominees.
This election will in many ways determine the direction of our country for decades to come. Even though John McCain seems to hail from the liberal wing of the Republican Party, it is likely that conservative ideas will get a far more sympathetic hearing in a McCain White House.
Although our news media idolises youth, it is with great reluctance that I vote to relinquish the wisdom of an older generation. I will not deny that age is important . The fact that John McCain is 71 years old is a strong selling point for his candidacy. The fact that McCain is reputed to be in good health removes any objection a reasonable person could have to his nomination.
I could think of better candidates to head the Republican presidential ticket. With great difficulty, I suppose a worse Democratic nominee could be found. America has three branches of government. The executive, the legislative and the judicial branches will all have an important role top play in the next four years. The American people, from whom their authority derives must be both vigilant and vocal in the most assuredly trying four years that await us. Sphere: Related Content

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