Friday, June 13, 2008

A Meilitz Yoshar(Told to Me By Rabbi Aryeh Prager of Crown Heights)

A concept with long antecedents in Jewish tradition is the idea of a Melitz Yoshar, a righteous advocate. Although every human being can approach G-d himself, a saintly person can advocate or countersign the prayers of individuals. It should be noted that such an arrangement encourages common people to seek the guidance of those best versed in Jewish tradition.
About thirteen years ago, an emmisary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi David Zaoui lived and worked in an upscale part of Paris known as Neuilly Sur Seine.As is common at Chabad Houses around the world, Rabbi Zaoui wanted to have a public menorah lighting during Channukah. When the rabbi approached the mayor of Neuilly Sur Seine with his request, the mayor eagerly agreed and expedited the request.The menorah lighting became an annual event in which the mayor was a regular participant.A friendship grew between the rabbi and and his friend, who rose to positions of increasing responsibility in government over the course of their friendship.The two discussed Jewish teachings together, including the Seven Noahide Commandments which resonated with the rabbi's friend.
Last Year, the rabbi's friend, who was now a government minister was campaigning for the presidency of France in a heated contest that was watched with great interest around the world. In keeping with the custom of many Lubavitchers, the rabbi assisted the candidate in writing a letter requesting the Rebbe's blessing in his quest for the French presidency. There are Jews and gentiles who place prayer requests in books that are sacred to them They also hope that a fortuitous placement of such a prayer request will provide them with specific guidance in a particular situation. There are many books of the Rebbe's correspondence over his lifetime. Many Lubavitchers place such letters in books of the Rebbe's letters.
On the the page in which the candidate and the rabbi placed the candidate's letter was a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe congratulating Zalman Shazar on his election to the presidency of Israel. The presidential aspirant was very much encouraged by the subject matter of the letter.
A short while later, Nicholas Sarkozy was elected President of the French Republic.The president maintained a warm friendship throughout his life with his Jewish grandfather. To this day, he openly attributes his success to the blessing he found in the pages of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's responsa. Sphere: Related Content

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