Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama and "Liberation Theology"

After twenty years, Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle have quit the Trinity Church. This was precipitated by a mocking sermon by a Catholic priest, a Reverend Pfleger, who made mocking remarks about Hillary's sense of "white entitlement."
Voters need to ask Obama a few questions. How was he able to marry his wife and baptize his children in a church he now repudiates? It is of far more concern to me that he found Trinity church a fitting environment in which to give his daughters a religious education. Is he only now discovering the poison being preached while he presumably dozed through the sermons?
There is a deeper problem than one particular Reverend malfunction or even a second Reverend malfunction. There is a school of thought to which the Obamas seem to subscribe. Most commonly known as "liberation theology" it focuses on change of the society to the detriment of a focus on the quality of the individual.
When you combine ethnic resentment and even hatred with theology, you have a strain of religion that can have a fragmenting effect on society. Kun Pater, the infamous Jew hating priest in Nazi occupied Hungary, the Christian identity movement in America as well as the churches in Rwanda that supported the 1994 genocide in that country are all variants of religion that becomes a tool of ethnic polarisation. Obama's membership in the Trinity Church has brought this divisive theological trend to the center stage in American politics.
America has created a national identity that for most of us transcends race. There is a growing question of the role of language in the formation of a national identity. This discussion has until now been civil. What role will the radical reverends have in the national dialogue about our future? If Obama is an adherent of liberation theology, he owes it to the American people to be candid about an ideological allegiance that would strongly influence America if he should ever take office. We will have to listen closely to Obama's talk with the American people and decide whether his words come from the heart or a sense of political expediency
When a church doubles as a political movement, it becomes fair game for discussion. Even if one accepts the debatable assumption that Obama has had a change of heart, it has come after a long standing membership in the Trinity Church. Up until now, Obama's hard knocks experience has come at the expense of his own family. in the future, it will come at the expense of the American people. This question transcends the issue of any particular Reverend in Obama's life. It is a question of basic values, that has become yet another tough issue for Senator Obama to face.
A fawning news media has ignored the growing list of questions we should be asking this young presidential aspirant. Through talk radio, the blogosphere and ultimately the ballot box, we , the American people can and should be heard. At this critical chapter in our national history, we should not be silent. Sphere: Related Content

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