Monday, June 2, 2008

"The Sunflower", Images and Lyrics That Speak To The Heart"

It has been a while since I have listened to any Iranian pop music. This particular song, is called"Gule Aftab Gardoon" , which translates as "sunflower" As the video progresses, the sunflower assumes a symbolic quality. When watching the video, I think of the ripple effect of random acts of kindness upon those who are caught up in their progression. For most of today, I have been thinking of religious faith that focuses on individuals and that which focuses on the institutions in a society. It is interesting that these issues seem to have an appeal that transcends barriers of language and faith. The music of this group, "Arian" has a certain quality that evokes memories of the pre Beatles early sixties.Iranian Jews I have spoken to speak with fondness of the beauty of Iranian music lyrics. My father had a similiar relationship to German culture coming out of 1930's Germany. He found a part of the culture and society in which he felt accepted and maintained a connection.
When I speak to Iranian Jews who retain a connection to Presian language and culture, It reminds me of how I feel about English. Despite the primacy of Jewish identity in my life, English remains the first language in which my thoughts were shaped.I hope you will enjoy the music, images and message in this wonderful video from the Iranian Group "Arian",which I found on You Tube. Sphere: Related Content

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