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Watch That Outfield ! Obama and Code Pink

A regular feature of a campaign is an unwanted endorsement. If the Nazis or the KKK endorse a candidate, it is fairly certain that his office will issue a statement rejecting the support. This is the way that the political centre defines its left and right flanks.
Both McCain and Obama have been called upon to repudiate questionable supporters. Both have come through and issued statements disassociating themselves from various disreputable reverends. Where McCain is quick to disassociate himself from John Hagee, it took Obama a good while to say that Reverend Wright was wrong. When a campaign headquarters in Texas was filmed with Che Guevara's picture superimposed upon a Cuban flag, a repudiation of Castroism and Che Guevara was noticeably absent from his statement of disassociation.
On the heels of a North Korean endorsement comes the news that Jodie Evans, a co-founder of Code Pink, an antiwar group opposed to American involvement in Iraq has not only endorsed Barack Hussein Obama but raised at least $50,00o.00 dollars for his campaign. What distinguishes her political views from those of so many other antiwar activists is the candidness with which she supports some of America's most ruthless enemies.
According to Evans, Osama bin Laden was justified in destroying the World Trade Center because of U.S. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia. In portraying American troops as aggressors for being stationed in the Saudi Kingdom, the Hollywood fund raiser ignored the credible fear that the Saudis themselves had of an invasion of Sadaam's Iraqi troops. For years the Saudi Kingdom has relied on foreign assistance to defend itself, most notably from Pakistan.
Evans is very frank about her desire to undermine the war effort as shown in the following excerpt from her interview with Paul A. Ibbetson on his "Conscience of Kansas" radio programme.

Evans: We were attacked because we were in Saudi Arabia. That was the message of Osama, was that, because we had our bases in the Middle East, he attacked the United States.

Ibbetson: Do you think that’s a valid argument?

Evans: Sure. Why do we have bases in the Middle East? We totally violated the rights of that, that country. Why do we get to have bases in the Middle East? [2]

Evans was frank about her indifference to the welfare of American troops.

Ibbetson: I understand the activism and the protesting of George W. Bush and Cheney…What is this protesting and work against the military recruitment…in Berkeley?

Evans: As an antiwar activist, one of the things you try to do is you try to find the pillars that keep us at war and try to undermine those pillars. And one of the things: You can’t go to war if you don’t have soldiers.

When pressed to clarify the “pillars” her deeds “undermined,” the Obama bundler removed all doubt she aimed at our uniformed men and women themselves:

Ibbetson: You said you want to undermine the pillars of the war effort, and part of those pillars of that effort is the military, complex or whatever. Would you –

Evans: Well, the soldiers that fight the war. If you don’t have soldiers, you won’t be at war.

When pressed about her motives, the hollywood radical finally blurted out, “You’re right! We were trying to undermine the war effort!”
Another gem from the interview was , "Why is being communist anti-American

If Obama does not repudiate Evan's support, he will have a capable fund raiser in his corner. In December 2004, Evans helped raise $600,000 to be used in a refugee camp in the enemy stronghold of Falujah. Scant attention was paid to possibilities for the supplies to be diverted to military use. During trips to Iraq, she met with leaders of the armed opposition to the central Iraqi government. Her collaboration with America's enemies was knowing, calculated and premeditated.

In a statement to the World Tribunal on Iraq in June of 2005, Jodie Evans removed all doubt about her solidarity with America's enemies

"We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi

people and defending their right to resist. I can remain myself against all

forms of violence, and yet I cannot judge what someone has to do when pushed

to the wall to protect all they love. The Iraqi people are fighting for their

country, to protect their families and to preserve all they love. They are

fighting for their lives, and we are fighting for lies."

Obama is faced with yet another distasteful endorsement that he must repudiate. More importantly, he must ask himself and explain to the American people why he is such a magnet for America's sworn enemies. The facts are out there for all to see. The mainstream media has failed us yet again in providing vital and readily available information that would facilitate an educated choice in November. We can not thank the major news outlets, for they have remained silent about these dubious endorsements. We can however thank Obama's endorsers who have performed a valuable function in educating us about him.
America faces a very clear choice about its future. The truth is out there.

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