Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barack Leaving Michelle Home on World Tour

In Germany, a tug of war has developed between Christian Democratic Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Social Democratic mayor of Berlin over Barack Hussein Obama's planned appearance at the Brandenburg Gate, where the late President Reagan gave his famous "Tear down this wall!" speech. Chancellor Merkel admonished the Obama campaign not to turn a German national landmark into a political prop. The mayor of Berlin seemed eager for Obama to do just that.
With the world long accustomed to instant news, it seems that a candidate is as close as your computer screen. Obama clearly hopes to shore up his image of being weak on foreign policy. Standing at the scene of the west's biggest triumph, it seems that Obama is hoping for some of Reagan's magic to rub off on him. Reagan defined our differences with our enemies with Churchillian forthrightness and heartfelt eloquence. Long before coming to 10 Downing St. Churchill had a definite world view. Reagan went from being a Democrat to being a Republican standard bearer in a slow process of political evolution. Obama does not seem to be seeking a message that resonates with his inner sense of truth but with the opinions of the electorate. He runs ahead of the crowd but looks back to see which way they are headed.
According to Drudge Report, Michelle Obama will be staying home when Barack goes abroad with his campaign. Either she is so proud to be an American that she can't bear to leave, or the Obama campaign is trying to prevent any new gaffes. Information was leaked that she would not have any policy role. One by one, those close to Obama take a back seat to political expedience. First to go was his "racist" white grandmother. Then it was Reverend Wright. Now it's Mrs. Right. (Mrs Obama).
With all of the talk about Obama's foreign travels, why is there so little scrutiny of his record in the state legislature? Should we be asking questions? There are a lot of unresolved issues about questionable political allies and just what they demanded in return for their support. He may be able to manage a stirring photo op in Berlin. But He still has to come home to Chicago.

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