Monday, July 7, 2008

Barack Obama: Evolving or Flip Flopping ?

In public life, there is a fine line between evolving politically and changing one's positions to attract support. Barack Hussein Obama has managed to make a stirring defense of Jerusalem as Israel's capitol and within twenty four hours to repudiate his original statement. He has changed his opposition to capital punishment when the Supreme Court issued a decision prohibiting the execution of those who rape children. He has modified his support for abortion. These are not new and obscure topics. When a new world hot spot such as Burma or Bosnia enters the news, there will be some position shifting as legislators become familiar with the regional politics. But abortion and capital punishment have been debated for many decades. It is typical in politically interested families for hypothetical cases to be discussed in pressing a point about abortion or the death penalty. What if the mother's life is in danger? What if there is no forensic evidence linking a person to the murder scene?" These are all questions that come up during kitchen table discussions about abortion and capital punishment. There are questions that will make a proponent of the death penalty look reckless, such as the numerous instances of the wrongly convicted. Someone who lacks the courage of their convictions will concede a point and revert later back to their original opinion. Obama has changed his position on widely discussed issues that he has had ample time to deliberate. The timing of his "evolution" is highly suspect.
One of his staunchest supporters, Jimmy Carter did not have a record as governor that presaged his foreign policy and domestic economic debacles. He evolved his approach in office a Instead of being humbled by his many failures, he became more strident in defending them. He has expressed his support for Obama, as have Hamas and Fidel Castro. Perhaps he should e mail them and tell them he has "evolved".
Obama is only forty seven years old. If he were to return to the Senate, and establish a voting record more reflective of his new found "moderation" he could stake out a defined and debatable political identity. In four years, he will be fifty one years old. For a president, that is not old. If he casts actual votes instead of voting "present" as he did numerous times in the Illinois legislature, he should be able to establish a political identity that is not a mystery. When we buy canned goods or pharmaceuticals, we are legally entitled to a clear listing of the ingredients. We are morally if not legally entitled to the same thing from a political candidate. Obama started off this campaign defined by his friends and his record as a leftist. He has with his turn towards the political centre torn off his political label. Like the can in the grocery with no label, he is a mystery. America can and should wait until his performance in the Senate show us who he really is.
Barack Obama. Four more years! What a polite way to say no! Sphere: Related Content

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Findalis said...

Some like to think that Obama is wet behind the ears, but in reality he is a shrewd politician. He knew how to play to the ultra-liberals of the Democratic Party to steal the nomination and now he is trying the same to the rest of America. I just hope the sheep wake up to see that he is the wolf in sheep's clothing and not the anointed one.