Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Barack Obama: You Better Learn Spanish

Barack Obama Tells America To Learn Spanish

In a speech to supporters in Georgia, Barack Hussein Obama stated frankly his opinion that Americans must learn Spanish. Conceding the point that immigrants should learn English , he stated that English speaking Americans have an equal obligation to learn Spanish. In his speech, he confused two issues. One is the matter of language education. There is no reason that American children can not begin education in a foreign language in first grade. Europeans are much more advanced in the acquisition of second language fluency. The second issue is that of making Spanish a second national language. In Canada, French and English are both official national languages. The French have a variant of the national narrative in which the victory of the English majority in the French Indian war is viewed as a misfortune. More than once, a motion was narrowly defeated to make Quebec an independent country. 1n 1970, martial law was declared in Quebec when Pierre LaPorte, Vice Premier and Labour Minister of Quebec was kidnapped and murdered by Quebec separatists. The Quebecois are co-founders of Canada with the English, but the Canadian experience shows us the danger of establishing a minority in the country with a version of history that repudiates our borders and national unity. Cubans , Peruvians or Argentinians do not come here with a historical grievance against the American people. La Raza Unida (The United Race) has indeed such a grievance. Despite their innately bigoted name and separatist agenda, they are courted by both McCain and Obama. Their agenda is an anathema to most Americans, yet the two major political parties ignore popular sentiment. The extreme right is more than happy to milk the issue of secure borders and immigration law enforcement politically. The major parties play into the hands of extremist by ignoring this issue.
It would be far better to offer an array of language choices for American students. Spanish should not be singled out as an official second language. This would accentuate the growing cultural and political divide in which growing numbers of people living in our country impugn the integrity and legitimacy of our borders and their defense. Japanese, French and Arabic are among the assortment of languages that are useful in business and national security.
It is hard to believe that Obama is oblivious to the political issues underlying his recommendation that we all learn Spanish. Illegal immigration is an issue that touches the lives of millions of Americans. It is obvious that he and the Democratic party entertain the hope that amnestied illegal aliens will express their gratitude at the polls for the helping hand extended them by the left in this country. As much as he tries to sound like a centrist, Obama can't seem to stop singing the leftist tunes of Reverend Wright's Trinity Church. These are warning signs that Obama's recent changes are fare more cosmetic than they are substantial. A common language and secure borders provide a far better assurance of national unity, absence of racial strife and domestic tranquility. Obama's muddled speech in Powder Springs shows a tone deafness to the issue of illegal immigration. Obama changes are for public consumption. He continues to advocate some sort of massive amnesty with only the thinnest sugar coating. He has not changed. We ignore the many warning signs at our own peril. Sphere: Related Content

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