Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Lionheart !!! No Prosecution for Thoughts and Opinions!!!

I was shocked to read on Radar Site and Monkey in the Middle about the travails of British blogger who goes by the pen name "LIONHEART. Lionheart is a devout Christian and a British patriot who has expressed in his blog his concerns about the concessions the British government has made to radical Islam. He sees moderate Muslims as having the same aims as the radicals.He sees their divergence from radical Islam as tactical rather than moral. Paul Ray, whose has been stripped of his anonymity in highly dubious court proceedings has been very forthright in expressing his disagreement with Islam on both political and theological grounds.
I have examined his website. It is devoid of any call to violence. It does not call for illegal behavior against Muslims. Despite this, he has been accused of inciting ethnic hatred. He has actually been ordered to appear in court in May to hear the intent of the Crown to either dismiss the charges against him or proceed to trial.
In Britain, the widest latitude is given to those who preach hatred of Britain and Christianity. Those who protest are subjected to the scrutiny of the legal system. The principle of "tolerance" has been turned into a hammer to stifle political dissent. In America, such "diversity policing "is for now confined to universities and educational institutions . We have a constitution against which any abridgement of our freedoms can be measured. Despite this, activist judges are constantly trying to hammer the constitution into an unrecognisable facsimile of its former self. The term used is "judicial activism" or" legislating from the bench." Although it remains a force to be reckoned with, this approach to constitutional law is strongly disliked by the majority of Americans. Britain has legal precedents and a body of tradition. Unfortunately, it has no constitution. The battle for freedom of speech and the press takes place on a much different legal landscape. Despite this, the basic values of freedom of expression are essentially the same. It is not only Lionheart who is in danger. The precedent created by the legal action against him is a danger to all who live in the United Kingdom. Along with the specific threat of the Islamisation of Britain is the spectre of judicially enforced political acquiescence . The Britain of Oswald Mosley and King Edward the Eighth, both advocates of German supremacy in their time find their kindred spirits in the ranks of the radical Islamists and their minions on the British left.
It is essential to make a stand against Britain sinking slowly into the quicksand of totalitarianism. The possibility of a boycott of British goods should be entertained as a last resort. Short of this, there should be protests to British consulates and embassies. The attack on Lionheart is an attack on us all, whether we are bloggers, journalists in the mainstream media or common citizens. The political and legal developments in the United Kingdom can influence America as well. I thank "Radarsite" and" Monkey in the Middle" for calling this to my attention. Bloggers must lead the fight and unite against attacks on our freedoms.

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I am putting up a list of all who post in defense of the blogger "Lionheart" The list will be called "Lionheart's Defenders". If you have published or republished a story defending Lionheart, I will list your blog as one of "Lionhearts Defenders." After this battle is over, we should remain vigilant against the next attack on our freedom. Sphere: Related Content


Roger W. Gardner said...

Thank you for helping to spread the word.
Roger G.

Findalis said...

Here are a few more sites for your list. You can contact the owners first, but they all support Lionheart and his efforts:

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The ill try to find you more as I can.