Friday, July 4, 2008

Gott Mit Uns( Thoughts Before Shabbos)

I usually blank out the vowel of G-d's name when writing it as a traditional Jewish sign of respect. I did not do it in the title to this posting, which is translated from German as G-d with us.
That was the inscription on the belt buckles of Nazi soldiers. Their god is not my god.
I have many times reflected on this Nazi blasphemy. They do not say "We are with G-d". They say "G-d is with us". Theirs is a god that is created in their own image, a god that enshrines their national vices as virtues. In this generation, some call that god allah.
A G-d revealed in scripture stands outside one's self. It is a G-d in whose image believers attempt to fashion themselves. The god we create in our own image usually goes by the same name. By editing and eviscerating scriptures, people create a compliant deity that does not challenge them . Kun Pater in Hungary and Monsignor Tiso were Nazi Catholics whose holy water was gasoline on the fires of genocidal hatred. Clergy in Rwanda blessed the genocide in that country as well. The god created in their own image was sweetly compliant.
Individuals as well as nations may follow this idolatrous path. Eternal vigilance seems to be the only way we as individuals and we as nations can forsake the god created in our image to create ourselves in the image of G-d.
The more I confront this moral dilemma, the more I am humbled into perplexed silence. It seems to be the constant battle of this existence. May our eyes be opened . Shabat Shalom Sphere: Related Content

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