Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kick 'Em They're Still Moving: The Death of Communism and the New Threats to World Peace

Why Killing is Essential To Communism(From a Latvian Documentary on You Tube

There is a time tested police tactic for intervening in domestic disputes. It has been used to put criminals behind bars with unimpeachable success. Very often, when the police arrive at the scene of a violent argument, they will listen as a couple argue, hurling accusations at each other. A woman whose boyfriend is dealing drugs or is living under an alias will shout out her accusations in front of the police at her partner. If she has an outstanding warrant for passing bad checks, he will hurl that right back at her. As long as it's all talk, the cops will listen quietly and follow up on the treasure trove of leads that grew out of the domestic dispute.
Communism and National Socialism remind me of the aptness of the analogy of a warring yet wedded couple who are more like each other than they can bring themselves to admit. As students of history and political decision makers, it is wise to listen to the scoundrels of both the hammer and sickle and the swastika as they propagandise against each other.
Latvia spent over forty years under the Soviet yoke as a "republic" of the Soviet Union. Prior to that they were a puppet republic allied with Nazi Germany. Whatever resentment they had towards Nazi rule was not due to love for their Jewish population, well over 90% of whom were killed with the help of eager Latvian collaborators.
Latvia is now an independent republic. It is revising its entire history. It is on the historic fault line of Communism and National Socialism. They have produced a historical documentary in Latvian called "The Soviet Story" which documents the similarity between Nazi and Communist ideology. Those like me who were deluded into believing the communists to be the shock troops of the war on racism are treated to shocking quotations of ethnic hatred from Karl Marx against those he believed to be "inferior" nationalities. Later, Nazis openly declared that the differences between them and the Marxists are trivial. The aesthetic similarities between Nazi and Communist propaganda appear in the documentary not as an eerie coincidence but a conscious outgrowth of their innate similarities. The statements are documented in a manner that elevates the Marx-Hitler comparison from the level of explosive accusation to a level of established historical fact.
One of the enduring images of the 1920's is that of Nazis and Communists uniting to battle police. "The Soviet Story" exposes the historical roots of this alliance, and recasts the 1939 Nazi Soviet Friendship Treaty as being more like the rekindling of a youthful affair than a marriage of convenience.
With the world wide threat of radical Islam unfolding, it is clear that history is rapidly in the making. The radical Islamists are not alone in their desire to subjugate the west. They have powerful allies and a host of useful idiots doing their bidding. Today we seek to gain a deeper understanding of Marxism and National Socialism through understanding their relationship with each other. We should likewise examine the Islamic radicals of today and their friendships. The past has much to teach us about the future. We must not be asleep in class.

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