Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pelosi Offers To Reimburse Americans For Democrat's Stupidity

According to Bloomberg News, Congressional Democrats now want to buy America's votes with another "stimulus package" that they say is needed to compensate for skyrocketing energy prices. (Click here for whole story)
In addition to checks being sent to households, expansion of unemployment benefits, help with heating oil and infrastructure enhancement are also contemplated . Concrete action on the proposals is likely to begin after the summer recess. Any action taken would probably be shortly prior to the November elections. The Democrats are most likely hoping that the measure will prove to be a "stimulus package" for voters to favour the Democrats.
A counterweight to the effectiveness of the proposal will be a scene repeated all across America in which a motorist leaves a gas station with news of Nancy Pelosi's opposition to offshore and Alaskan drilling being discussed in angry tones on talk radio. Of course, if the Democrats win in November and institute the "fairness doctrine", it will have the effect of muzzling, if not addressing such criticism. In an even more reckless move, congressional Democrats want to to dip into the strategic national oil reserves to cut down gas prices over the summer.
Most thinking people want a healthy economy functioning properly to meet their needs. Waiting for a check or instituting a temporary tax moratorium are stopgap measures. Even as we cash our government checks, we recognise the limit to their value.
Where domestic and foreign policy concerns meet is on the question of America's energy independence. A large percentage of the world's crude oil comes from regions beset with political instability. Before Jimmy Carter was in the White House, Iran was a staunch U.S. ally. The oil revenues that once were wisely used to modernise that country now bankroll terrorism throughout the Middle East and beyond. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is grooming himself to follow in Fidel Castro's footsteps. Mexico has its own internal problems that could also work to our detriment. Energy independence insulates us from the strategic fallout of instability abroad . It also strengthens us when dealing with those who would attempt to blackmail us by interrupting the flow of oil.If the Republicans want to fight for energy independence with a cornerstone of lifting restrictions on offshore drilling, then the Democrats are in for some stiff competition.
Most Americans want to develop alternate energy sources as well as to develop cars that are less wasteful. Creating the tax climate in which such solutions are likely is what is needed. Another giveaway before the November elections will likely be met with the derision it deserves.The dollars that are going to be given away are shrinking in value as the price of oil inches up daily. It is the Democrat's fault. And we won't forget. Sphere: Related Content

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