Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Ops Over Substance : Barack Obama in a War Zone

Is Barack Hussein Obama conducting his own foreign policy abroad? Remember Hillary Clinton's listening tour? She wanted to travel and listen to the concerns of voters before running in 2000 for a U.S. Senate seat. It was a clever photo op and it worked. If ever a "listening tour" were called for , it would be when an opposition candidate is traveling abroad in a war zone. It would be far wiser for Obama to say that he wants to be well informed in the event that he is elected President of the U.S. When it comes to war, it is far better to be dignified and low key about the possibility of a policy shift in the event of a Democratic victory.
It was not very long ago that Obama was expounding on the need for Arabic translators in Afghanistan, forgetting that Afghans speak Dari and Pashto, which are related to Persian. Obama might, however have an advantage in knowledge of domestic policy. His opponent, John McCain is aware of only fifty American states. Obama has already visited fifty seven U.S. states. I assume Obama as a Senator is aware that there are one hundred members in the U.S. Senate. He is also aware that each state has two Senators. So does fifty seven times two equal one hundred? Oh well. At least he can spell "potato", or as Dan Quayle would say "potatoe."
If Barack Obama wants to really show that he supports U.S. troops, he could instruct Democrats at the local level to make sure that all military ballots are counted. During the 2000 election that Democrats claim was stolen by Bush, Democratic lawyers schemed to throw out military ballots . Surely those who risk their lives to defend democracy should have their votes counted.
Obama ran a rough campaign against his opponent, community activist Alice Palmer for the State Senate in Illinois, bringing in a team of lawyers to knock her off the ballot.
Democrats have a record of disenfranchising opponents with cumbersome legal challenges. Obama has shown himself to be a master of this tactic in past races. As much as he talks about inclusion, he seems very willing to exclude if it will tilt an election his way.It takes more than photo ops abroad make a statesman. Some of the troops photographed with him during his trip did not look too happy. If you left click on the photo at the top of this post, they look downright glum.
People in the military like to be well equipped to do their jobs. They also want to be able to support their families in decent style on whatever Congress votes to provide them. The antiwar democrats who gave Obama his victory have a record of taking lightly the needs of the military. Obama has a lot of back pedaling to do and a lot of voters to convince. Is he evolving or flip flopping? Do you want to take a chance? Sphere: Related Content

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