Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Thoughts About Obama's Grand Tour

Today's news reports state that Obama's rally at the Brandenburg Gate was a wild success with crowds estimated at over 100,000. Mr. Obama, according to his own campaign had been working for two weeks on his speech in front of the Berlin electorate of about four hundred and seventy nine absentee voters in Berlin registered as Democrats in their home states. Like drugs rejected by the FDA and shipped to India, like wannabe pop stars traveling to Mongolia to find the stardom that has eluded them at home, Barack Obama and his trusty teleprompter set off for Berlin after the dizzying success of his visit to the Middle East, during which he was lovingly guarded by the Al Akhsa Martyr's Brigade, which is on the State Department terrorist watch list.
Perhaps it is worth asking why both Obama and Jimmy Carter are so warmly received in Ramallah. What does Hamas see that doesn't show up in his campaign speeches?
The Obama Campaign lost a voter but won an endorsement as Dale Leo Bishop, a death row inmate in Mississippi gave Obama his heartfelt endorsement before being put to death by lethal injection for his role in the claw hammer murder of a man in a fight. Both Fidel Castro and the North Korean News Agency have also endorsed Obama. Although voting by convicted felons is o prohibited, there is speculation that the prison pen pal community might be swayed by the Bishop endorsement.
There is speculation that a more inclusive campaign song might be needed to encompass the many changing positions of the Obama campaign. "Both Sides Now" has been suggested as a fitting title for such a song. Negotiations are under way with Joni Mitchell, a Canadian citizen for rights to the music. The lyrics are being outsourced to an Indonesian songwriter who reportedly went to madrassa with Mr. Obama. This has alienated some trade unionists, who are upset that the Obama campaign has been sending its work overseas.
Europeans are eager to lecture Americans on race relations and militarism. The Brandenburg Gate is a fitting backdrop to such pious pronouncements. Americans eagerly await Germany's first chancellor of Turkish ancestry, and for France to nominate an Arab prime minister. Perhaps a a Romany (or Gypsy as they are commonly known ) could become president of the European Union. It is not known if Obama discussed any of these possibilities with his European hosts.
How would Obama function on a day to day basis without a teleprompter ? The video with this posting gives us a good idea. The continent that brought us two world wars as well as civil wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Sarajevo now wants to tell us who we should elect for president. I think we can figure this one out ourselves.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

"How would Obama function on a day to day basis without a teleprompter?"

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