Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts About The California Fires

Yet again, California is facing fires that threaten the lives and property of thousands of people. Lightning, the Santa Ana winds and a shortage of water are mostly to blame for this scourge that regularly threatens so many people.
While most of the time, natural forces may be to blame, there have been fires in the past that were accidentally caused or deliberately set by humans. Logistically, preventing such fires is more difficult than in a city, but it is not impossible. Israel has had the unfortunate experience of having fires set by terrorists in an effort to weaken the economy, the ecology and to threaten the lives of citizens. They share with California a scarcity of water that hampers firefighting efforts.
Aside from psychopaths with unfathomable motives who have set fires in the past, there is a movement and strain of public opinion that considers the American Southwest to be occupied territory taken from Mexico. They have even given the name "Aztlan"*. to this hypothetical country and gone so far as to establish militias and political organisations that support this abrogation of American sovereignty
There are be many with such extremist views who work within the political process to advance their aims, but there are a small number at any given time who will resort to terrorism.
It is not only Arabs who have taken up arms against countries in which they live. Chechens, Armenians,Irish and Columbians are a few of many who have struggled with domestic insurgencies. Just as the world economy has gone global, so too has terrorism. For years, IRA and other terrorists in various local insurgencies trained in Lebanon with PLO and other terror organisations. In the course of such trainings, alliances have been forged. It would be a mistake to focus on Iraq and Al Qaeda without looking at extremist groups of various ethnicities.
America has created through failure to secure our borders an underclass in this country that because of its illegal status and different language is a potential source of civil unrest. The Department of Homeland Security and our immigration authorities should in these dangerous times be making up for past inaction with renewed vigilance. Protecting our forests in California and elsewhere should be considered not only a matter of conventional fire prevention but a matter of national security as well.
There is technology and manpower that can and should be used to secure our borders. It would not involve great risk to life or costly ground wars to do so. It should be a matter of highest priority to secure our borders and defend our national sovereignty.
There has been technology developed in wartime to monitor forests, jungles and other areas largely devoid of human habitation. This can and should be used to secure our forests and national parks. Aside from arsonists of whatever motivation, there have been and are those who have cultivated illegal drugs in our parks as a multimillion dollar business enterprise.
The fires in California may well be part of a natural cycle. Despite this, it would serve us well to treat the latest news in California as a costly wakeup call for our country. As daunting as our problems may be, nothing is so challenging as our lack of collective will to solve them.
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* please click on this link to see the website of a group that challenges America's sovereignty over its Southwest. Sphere: Related Content

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