Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thoughts About Obama's campaign

Black Republican Anti Obama Ads

Barack Obama has been doing his best to avoid gaffes in the press that could cause him embarassment. He could engage in such damage prevention through doing his homework. Unfortunately, he has avoided the press almost entirely , not traveling with them and certainly not permitting candid questions that might shed light on his future policies. He has even Kept his wife home rather than risk any unmanaged moments.
Christoph von Marschall, the Washington correspondent of the Berlin Tagesspiegel takes a symapathetic view of Obama, as do many Germans . Even he has taken issue with Obama's seeming fear of the press. In an ironic signoff to a recent article in the Washington Post, von Marschall said "Surely a man who has said he would talk with U.S. adversaries such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can spend a few moments with journalists from friendlier countries."
The press has become impatient NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell has expressed open impatience with the Obama campaign for so thoroughly shielding their candidate. Whatever Obama expects to gain from his insular approach is likely to be more than offset by the growing doubts about his ability to think without a teleprompter.
In another development, the New York Times refused to print an article by John McCain after accepting an article on the same topic by Barack Obama. According to the McCain campaign, the objections of the New York Times editorial staff were on specific points rather than questions of style. Readers who were interested in McCain's article were able to read it on Drudge Report. Any support the Democrats have for a "fairness doctrine" mandating equal time for both parties would have to condemn the New York Times for their biased management of their editorial page.
The National Black Republican Association has taken Obama at his word to look beyond race and produced a series of ads critical of Barack Obama, criticising him for voting against a minimum wage increase and against school choice as well as his support for late term abortions. The long standing axiomatic support for Democrats by the majority of African Americans under any circumstances gets well deserved rigourous scrutiny from the Black Republicans.
It appears that Obama's gentle treatment by the mainstream media is coming to a well deserved end. If he does not face the press in unscripted forums, it will be noted by the press. The public has a right to observe how he functions under pressure.Anyone aspiring to the highest office in the land should not be spared the ordeal of candid questioning. And Obama is no exception. Sphere: Related Content

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