Thursday, July 3, 2008

While America Sleeps: Beyond Illegal Immigration

In the manner of a sleeping passenger on a bus, America finds itself at a crossroads. Over time, we have as a nation assembled a collective historical narrative. Native Americans and African Americans are an integral part of our nation. They came here mostly as slaves. Native Americans were driven from their assorted territories and endured persecution by European immigrants. Any attempt to construct a national history must incorporate these painful truths. Our efforts to write an honest and inclusive history are a work in progress.
Immigrants who come to this country take our national narrative as their own. It is studied and mastered as a prerequisite for citizenship. A steady stream of immigration over generations has given our country its central character.
America's Southwest was absorbed into the United States in 1847 from Mexico. The two countries went their separate ways. Today they have the widest disparity in per capita income of any two adjacent countries in the world. This economic gap is driving many Mexicans northward. Some come legally. Millions do not. Unlike many others who come here, there are Mexicans who view our conquest of the Southwest as illicit and wrong. They see immigration not as a privilege, but a right. They see their arrival in our country as a reconquest of lost territory. While many accept the American version of history, sufficient numbers contest it to constitute a security risk to our country.
Argentinians, Ecuadorians, Senegalese and Chinese are a few of many nationalities that come here with no grievance against us. The vast majority who come here legally want better opportunities for themselves and their families. Those who contest the legality and justice of our borders have no right to be here. To preserve the peace and well being our our country, those who seek to make a contesting historical narrative the cornerstone of a political agenda can and must be prohibited from remaining here.
There have been organisations and political movements that were in the past deemed harmful to national security. America should face the threats that exist in our generation firmly and resolutely. The situation in which we found ourselves did not happen over night. While America slept, the train that is our history moved forward. Inaction is itself a form of action. There is a growing chorus of those who covet America's Southwest. We ignore them at our own peril.
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Findalis said...

They lost their rights to the land when they lost the Mexican-American War of 1846.

Send the lot of them back to the slums of Mexico.