Monday, August 25, 2008

The 2008 "Take This Job and Shove It" Award


A truck driver has been fired from his job, for being a good Samaritan. John Acheson was driving his truck on August 4 when he saw two people get out of a BMW and shoot a man dead. He took down the licence plate number and gave chase. A detective called his employer, Sid Wainer and Son to explain Acheson's tardiness. Upon his return to work, Acheson was sternly reprimanded by his employer who said, ""I don't know who you think you are. Maybe you think you're a cowboy."
The final nail in Acheson's coffin was last Tuesday. Acheson saw a passenger in a livery car hit the driver in the head with a hammer and flee. Acheson chased her into an alley and assisted the police in arresting her. His boss called him into his office and fired him, saying.'John, I gotta let you go. You don't know how to mind your own business.'
It is truly mind boggling that Sid Wainer and Son are so completely devoid of public spirit as to punish their employees for having a social conscience. Who on earth would want to work for such a selfish and hard hearted employer as Sid Wainer and Son? I checked to see what kind of business Sid Wainer and Son is. It seems they are a gourmet food company. Who would want to buy from such a company? What sort of individual in business wants you to "mind your own business" when you see a crime. I could not see supporting such a business. If I go to a gourmet food store and see anything from Sid Wainer and Son , I think I might just walk over to another shelf in the store and "mind my own business".
The "Take This Job And Shove It" award goes to Sid Wainer and Son . The prize will be the contents of a fast food restaurant dumpster at closing time for the award recipient's dining pleasure. My heartfelt sympathies to John Acheson . I hope his next job is better .

a hat tip to Phillip Messing of the New York Post Sphere: Related Content


watcher said...

they could have gotten killed and had to leave his family then everyone would be on the trucking company for letting him get killed

watcher said...

he is lucky he is not dead