Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Confession to My Readers

Since starting and back in January of this year, I have stayed faithful to a resolution to always take the high road. Time and time again, I have passed up the opportunity to appeal to the baser instincts in human nature, to cheapen my lofty message with tawdry sensuality. I would like to report that my strategy has been a success in marketing. Unfortunately this has not been the case. I have always sought to take responsibility for my failings. For this reason, I hired a marketing consultant named Ophelia Bein to help me put together winning marketing strategy for my web sites. She suggested that I should indeed add some spice to my web content, to leave the central message unchanged but to add some (forgive me) sensuality to the content of this site. We argued heatedly, and I ordered her to leave my office while I contemplated her recommendations. What started the shouting match was her recommendation that I put up a bikini(!) video on this site. She furthermore stated that I f I would not follow her advice that I would be on my own. On that note, with a heavy heart I went over to the compound housing the archives for this web site. I am happy to say that I did find a Bikini video. Please note that I capitalised the word "Bikini". This is not a typographical error. "Bikini" is the name of a Hungarian rock group from the 1980's. Their music is of a stylistic and technical level that is comparable to American music at that time. Although the music is not so distinctly Hungarian, it does showcase the language. The video has some interesting historical footage, and appears to poke fun at a stodgy old communist bureaucrat.
It was not easy, dear readers to compromise so far as to include an actual bikini video on this web site. It was in fact a painful compromise. I hope that Ophelia Bein is now happy and that my site meter will register stratospheric leaps in circulation. I hope you, dear readers are happy now. So click on the video at the top of this post and check it out. Pssst check it out ... Bikini video... checkitout.... Sphere: Related Content

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