Friday, August 1, 2008

He Who Is Merciful To The Cruel...What Could Have Been Prevented

There is a saying from the Sages of Israel, "He who is merciful to the cruel is destined to be cruel to the merciful."
Time and time again, this saying is sadly vindicated by events that become public knowledge. Violent criminals reach the end of their maximum sentence and soon commit new crimes upon their release. Whenever this happens in America, whatever adjustments deemed necessary are made to the legal system to protect the populace.
Israel has defied all laws of common sense in releasing prisoners who boast of their murderous offenses. The notorious child murderer Samir Kuntar was hailed by Palestine Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas is in turn warmly lauded as our "partner for peace" after openly forsaking any shred of human decency where Jewish life is in question.
Meir Kahane's Killer, Said El Nosair was given a free ride on murder charges by a jury that was probably motivated by an aversion to his views. He later turned out to have been involved in the first bombing of the World Trade Center. Kahane's aqquittal emboldened the terrorists plotting other acts of terror against America, giving new resonance to the saying from Nazi Germany, "If they come for me in the night, they'll come for you in the morning."
Israel and its enemies remind me in agrotesque way of Charlie Brown and Lucy in the episodes where Lucy offers to hold up the football for Charlie Brown to kick. Every time, she pulls the ball up at the last minute, and every time she persuades Charlie Brown to forget the past. Charlie Brown picks himself up and moves on, but each time Israel lets down its guard, the body count goes up again.
The British in particular are very critical of Israel. I think that we should govern Israel like they did Palestine. They leveled villages from which terrorism emanated and they had no qualms about the death penalty for terrorists.
Once when I was young, I was swimming and another kid was holding me under water. I clawed at a sensitive part of his anatomy and squeezed hard. He jumped off of me and yelled, "Dirty fighter!!"
When you're being held under water and the seconds are ticking, there's no such thing as a dirty fighter. This is the situation Israel is in now. It is time to wake up and do what we must.
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