Sunday, August 17, 2008

Manuel Layber Publishes New Insanity On Obama's Own Website

Anyone can a blog on Barack Hussein Obama's website. Manuel Layber , Chairman of the Homeland for Esperanto Liberation League, (H.E.L.L.) is blogging for Obama, who has not yet disa vowed his support. I am reprinting his latest post in its entirety. To see it in its full absurdity, please click on the link below, to visit this surreal part of Obama's own website.

Good News From H.E.L.L. about Barack Obama by Manuel Layber, Chairman of the Homeland for Esperanto Liberation League

Some people watches the Saddleback forum and said that McCain did better than Obama. I watched it and that was not my impression at all. He was much better dressed than John McCain. Also, Barack Obama has at least thirty years less experience than John McCain. This will make him much more open minded than McCain. Sometimes if you have too strong a command of the facts, you aren't willing to accept new opinions.

Also, John McCain's supporters are right wingers. Obama's supporters are both leftists and Wrightists. The Wright wingers at Trinity church find a way to support late term abortion. McCain says he is against abortion. He lets G-d boss him around. If Obama can stand up to G-d and support these late abortions, then Ahmadinejad and Bin Laden should be a piece of cake.We need a candidate who is not afraid of anybody. I mean if Reader's Digest can produce a condensed Bible then so can Obama. He's written three books already, and they sold pretty well.Obama is so much more open minded. He wouldn't give the Ten Commandments, he would give the Ten Constructive Suggestions for Happy Living. If you're pro choice about throwing live babies in the garbage, you can be pro choice about anything.

Another thing. McCain is an old guy. I'll bet he's against legalising marijuana and all the other drugs. I want a president who will listen to all sides of an issue and not turn his nose up at drugs. I want someone who will at least consider the audacity of dope

The best news I have heard is that the temperature in Denver dropped to a record low. The high was only 58 degrees. Those of you who say that Obama will become president when hell freezes over had better take notice! Denver is getting pretty cold. If the temperature keeps dropping during the Democratic Convention, then the objective conditions (as my good friend Gus Hall called them)might just favour an Obama victory. I therefore predict that hell might freeze over and that this would be an auspicious time for an Obama victory.

So don't listen to those nattering nabobs of negativism. Keep your chin up. Put on your snow suit and get ready for a miracle.

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Brian Barker said...

I had noticed that Obama wants everyone to learn Spanish rather that Esperanto!

I also see that nine British MP's have nominated Esperanto for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008.


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