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A Murder in Tennessee, A Hoax In North Carolina: A Study In Contrasts

(WARNING! STORY DEALS WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE) It is with revulsion, reluctance and disgust that I present this story to my readership. Its omission from the mainstream news media thrusts upon me the moral obligation to raise my voice. When a stripper at Duke University in North Carolina alleged that she was gang raped at a fraternity party, there was saturation coverage and national introspection in the mainstream media. Liberal pundits and even some college professors at Duke looked as though through an electron microscope for evidence of racism among affluent white college students. What instead played out on the national stage was the career implosion of the Durham North Carolina District Attorney, who was eventually disbarred for suppression of evidence and other irregularities. His apparent motive was to posture in front of African American voters as a crusader for racial justice. What seemed to be a gift from heaven to liberal pundits turned out to be a textbook illustration of journalistic skepticism being numbed by ideological bias.
Channon Christian and Michael Newsom are not national household names. The horrific and sadistic manner in which they met their deaths should have merited national attention. In January of 2007, they were on their way to visit friends. They never made it to their friends or to their homes. Chris Newsom , age 23 and Channon Christian ,21 years of age were carjacked. They were brought to a house in a rough part of Knoxville. Chris was gang raped prison style while his girlfriend was forced to watch. After being subjected to the sight of his castration and murder, she was tortured and gang raped over a twenty four hour period, murdered and stuffed into a trash barrel. The vehicle from which they were abducted yielded a fingerprint that led to the perpetrators. The minimal financial reward of the crime measured against the extreme depravity of the murder eliminates profit as a motive. The suspects had lengthy prison records. It is now over a year and a half after that awful day. Only one defendant, who aided the flight of the others ,who taunted the grieving families during his trial has been convicted. The last of the other four perpetrators will not be tried until 2009.
This crime shook Knoxville. It was uncommon in its cruelty. It raises a multitude of questions about what shaped the twisted psyches of its perpetrators. The silence is deafening. The victims were white. The defendants are African American. If one has a liberal agenda, this crime is not convenient. The questions raised by the Knoxville murders are being asked privately in homes across America. In the media mainstream, Michelle Malkin has spoken frankly about the issues these murders raise. Aside from her and a few other lonely voices, only white supremacist and neo nazi organisations have focused attention on this crime. The motives of the mainstream networks and news outlets in ignoring this crime are transparent. Their journalistic negligence drives truth seekers into the hands of disreputable organisations who are using such crimes to fuel their own agenda. It is normal for a citizen to ask questions about news stories. Are the perpetrators at large? What was the motivation? How can similar crimes be prevented?
Law enforcement sources in Knoxville hastened to assure a frightened public that anti-white hatred was not a motive. How can they say that? Robbery was not a motive. More could have been taken with far less violence. The vehicle taken in the carjacking was ditched.
It was definitely hatred that drove the crime. The physical pain suffered by the victims combined with the premeditated and systematic degradation of the victims indicates a deep hatred. If it was not race, what was it? Was it class hatred? Was not a single racial epithet used during the crime?
Many of the early news reports said that Newsom was raped "prison style". Those charged with this crime are no strangers to prison. How many such crimes did they commit while incarcerated? Or were any of them victimised in that manner in prison? Does ignoring such violence behind prison walls run the risk of it spilling onto the street? One of the alleged perpetrators was a female. She was also allegedly an active participant in the attack. The new social conditioning in modern society is producing a new class of chillingly violent female criminals.
This crime feeds the fear that fuels racism.Most of the interracial crime in America is Black on White. See relevant news article
The Justice Department maintains statistics on this. If you are going to confront racism in meaningful ways, it must be seen as a human condition afflicting all races. Black on Black crime is also a major problem, far more immediate a threat to the physical safety of African Americans than white supremacists.
America does not want to return to the type of society favoured by white supremacists. But the major news outlets in suppressing news that does not serve their political agenda are advancing the cause of extremist groups that use hate crimes against whites to advance their agenda. Information that is suppressed is offered up with a Klan or Nazi spin, and it is only a mouse click away.
Michelle Malkin on Knoxville Murders

The handling of the Knoxville murders is a clear case of the mainstream media abdicating its responsibilities in deference to a political agenda. Bloggers and a small number of social critics in the print and broadcast media have stepped in to fill the void.
The last of the trials of the five remaining defendants will not be over until at least summer of 2009. I can not imagine the agony of the families of the victims who must relive the murder of their children at four separate trials. Overriding all other questions is the need for a punishment that reflects the indignation and revulsion of the public.
The questions raised by this story will not go away. The American people are sick of being treated like children by the mainstream media. And in the age of the internet, we don't have to put up with it.
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