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New Post On Manuel Layber's Blog About Conservative Christians and Gay Rights

The Manuel Layber Blog on Barack Obama's website is a week old. He purports to be an Obama supporter. In reality it is a spoof at the expense of the Obama campaign.From a three hour hunger strike to dead Democratic activists advocating the rights of the deceased to vote, Manuel Layber has his laughs at the expense of the Obama campaign. In today's article on the Manuel Layber site, a Korean Democratic Party activist named Fung Kee Wun tries to create a bridge of trust between gay rights activists and conservative Christians. Previous postings about Manuel Layber have been posted on magdeburgerjoe.com. There has been one protest letter in response to yesterday's posting on that site. Due to Manuel Layber's great popularity, I decided to split his posts between rudistettner.com and magdeburgerjoe.com. As always, I post Manuel Layber's link with each posting
Manuel Layber's Blog on Barack Obama's Website

The Democratic Party's support for gay rights has alienated many conservative Christians from the Democratic Party. Those who adhere to the teachings of their faith concerning homosexuality find it hard to make common cause with proponents of gay marriage.

Fung Kee Wun, Chairman of the Korean Reformist Association Promoting Socialism, (KRAPS) has looked for years to bring the evangelical Christians in his organisation into common political cause with gay rights activists in the Democratic party. Finallly, he had a revelation when he was helping a Christian school in Chicago came to him for assistance in getting government funds for their Christian elementary school.

"The name, Holy Cross Elementary School" was a dead giveaway. " recounted Mr. Fung. The ACLU would have been all over us. We never would have gotten to square one. We had to come up with a solution for the school. Then I had a brilliant idea"

What was Mr. Fung's brilliant idea? He wrote up the school's grant proposal as a funding request for biblosexual youth . According to him and his hired psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Schnotzenblasser, biblosexuals are unable to enjoy an intimate relationship unless they can rationalise it as biblically sanctioned. They suffer from social ostracism and ridicule that reduces a large percentage of biblosexual youth to a level of serious clinical depression. For this reason, schools like Harvey Milk High School in San Francisco for gays should according to Dr. Schnotzenblasser be established for biblosexual youth. Under the name Biblosexual Union for Resurgent Pride, (BURPS),students in Holy Cross lobbied with legislators and city administrators. Finally, BURPS opened offices at Holy Cross Elementary that were funded by the city. Emboldened by their success, BURPS activists quickly added on a middle school and a high school. A Biblosexual Pride carnival and parade is held annually to raise funds for extracurricular activities.

Fung Kee Wun feels that the time has come for biblosexuals to step out of the closet. "Organising as a religious group won't get you anywhere". said Mr. Fung. "The only thing that will work is if you organise along the lines of a sexual preference. We have become a libidocratic society. Instead of fighting this, we have to work with it

Conservative Christians, Orthodox Jews and other religious groups have become alienated from the Democratic Party. By reintroducing them as a sexual preference instead of a religious persuasion, we hope to make a place for them in the new society being promoted by the Democratic Party. There are a lot of conservatives who will rejoin the Democratic Party if their ideas will get a fair hearing. Mr. Fung's strategy is to tinker with the packaging and labeling to make a place for conservative ideas in the Democratic Party. Towards this end, he works as a political marketing consultant for prominent Democrats who like his strategy. As I was leaving his office, I heard him admonishing a caller. "Please!! Whatever you do, don't call it capital punishment. Call it retroactive abortion and say that you are pro choice in that matter." I smiled as I left the office of Fung Kee Wun. Packaging is everything. If you package it right, it will sell.KRAPS took a gamble. And it paid off.Thank you Fung Kee Wun

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