Monday, August 25, 2008

A Note To My Readers and Interesting Questions About Michelle Obama(From Reverend Manning)

In a previous post, I put up a video that I thought was Barack Obama going postal. Soon after posting it, I found that it was a satire. The voice was brilliant. It really sounded like Obama. I very quickly reworded the title to the post as well as the text to the article, but some of the unrevised versions were posted elsewhere. I have every intention of posting humour pieces in the future. When going on You Tube, there is often fine print that indicates that a piece is satire. Although Typos are embarrassing, I am infinitely more averse to posting misleading headlines. I apologise for unintentionally misleading readers who picked up my headlines on or News is news. Commentary is commentary and satire is satire. I will certainly be more diligent about employing labels that do not confuse. Henceforth, the Tasteless News Network byline will clearly denote satire and other attempts at comedy
The video in question is clearly satire. But that label should remain firmly affixed as it travels through cyberspace.

There is a Reverend Manning who frequently puts criticisms of Obama into his sermons. Although he sometimes makes racially insensitive remarks, he also asks interesting questions. Like most people, he is a mixture of wisdom, foolishness and the common place. He asks in the following video, "Where is Michelle?" Since she has spoken on political matters and on her husband's behalf, it would seem that she is fair game. I am presenting this video without apologies. It is always helpful in judging a person to look at his inner circle of friends. Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers alone raise enough questions about what range of ideas would gain respectability in an Obama administration. I will let the video speak for itself. The religious commentary in the last two minutes of the video does not of course reflect my theology.
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