Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Goes Postal.!!!!!!!!! ,,,(Language Advisory

Obama loses it....PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really goes postal !!!!

John McCain has been receiving unexpected help for his cash strapped campaign from an unexpected source. The Obama campaign has handed John McCain a treasure trove of photo ops. With Joe Biden selected as Obama's running mate, all of the Biden video clips in which he trashes Obama will prove to be of inestimable worth to the Obama campaign. When he was not making insensitive remarks and putting his foot in his mouth he made cogent and articulate arguments against Obama running for President. Speaking against Obama in front of live microphones has saved the McCain campaign a lot of money.
A major question voters have is how a President reacts to the stress of high office. Barack Obama provides us a candid glimpse of himself during a high stress moment. In the past, Obama melted down without his teleprompter. He flopped at Saddleback. He flip flopped everywhere else.When Biden falters in providing sound bites for the McCain campaign, Barack Hussein Obama provides them with both comic relief and arguments against voting for the Democratic ticket.
If the fairness doctrine were ever put in place, Obama's own video footage would satisfy the equal time requirements AND demonstrate his incompetency. With Jimmy Carter scheduled to speak at the Democratic Party convention, it is clear that the ineptitude of the Obama campaign is of truly Olympic proportions.
It is with pleasure that I present the video with this posting of Obama going postal at a campaign rally. A close examination of the tape proves that it is a spoof, but someone has Obama's voice down to a tee. I am sure that with time,as the campaign heats up Obama will provide us with a lot more laughs in his own voice. If they ever write a TV script about an incompetent substitute teacher in a rough school. Obama could send this in as his audition tape. I wish Obama luck completing his Senate term or in a career as a sitcom comedian.
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Findalis said...

BHO cannot take criticism, cannot take booing, cannot answer hard questions.

BHO is not fit for the Senate, let alone for the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a doctored video. I saw this encounter previously and these are not Obama's words. Can any one check this out?

And I am not an Obama supporter or Obamabot. But I also belive in truth and not lying. There is enough about Obama that legitinatrly makes him unqualified for office.

No one should resort to doctored videos of that is the case here.

Anonymous in Ohio

Mountain Sage said...

It's a joke.