Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama's Abortion Vote and the Abortion of the Obama Candidacy

Barack Obama's position on abortion while in the Illinois State Senate is having repercussions among an electorate that is very ambivalent about abortion. The image of a baby surviving an abortion and gasping for life in a cold operating room is jarring even for those who are militantly pro "choice". It is now a matter of public record that Barack Obama voted three times AGAINST helping a baby that survives an abortion attempt when he was in the Illinois State Senate. He can't spin this vote to his advantage. There is a physical body count that is the result of his legislative choice.
There were many problems with an Obama candidacy that were not vetted early on. Obama's alleged drug use his communist affiliations and his cozy friendships with Chicago slumlords were troubling even before his abortion record came to light. To think that maverick journalists would leave Obama's spotty record untouched is really an "audacity of hope" that does not show well on the cover of a best seller.
It seems almost poetic in light of Obama's disturbing legislative campaign to divide the presidential campaign into trimesters. It seems even more appropriate to discuss the viability of an Obama candidacy and its danger to the "mother" which in this case would be the Democratic Party.
In light of his political baggage, it is really quite astounding that the Obama candidacy made it past the first trimester of the campaign for the Democratic nomination. With his delegates lined up on the eve of the convention, no one wants to abort the Obama nomination. There would be such a shock to the Democratic body politic at this stage of the second trimester that no one wants to take the risk.
This leaves only one possibility, on the last day of the third trimester of the campaign, the American people , with the full electoral college in attendance will perform a late term abortion of the Obama candidacy. The operating theatre is a voting booth near you. Even though all of the experts in the media see an Obama nation as the only possibility, the American people remain solidly pro choice. Sphere: Related Content

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

It's appalling enough that he supports infanticide, but to take that to the grotesque level he has?

It's sickening and frightening.

And it's simply not aligned with the real Messiah, Jesus the Christ, that Barack Obama -- or whatever his real name is and whatever his citizenship might be -- claims to follow.

Obama's lies and war against the unborn cannot be publicized enough.

You wonder: What would make someone so hate-filled toward the most innocent of all human beings?