Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tasteless News Network Agrees to Voluntary Compliance With the Fairness Doctrine (Three Videos

Obama Overseas Endorsement

It is by now well known that the Obama campaign is asking the Justice Department to investigate and if possible to prosecute the makers of an ad linking Obama to 60's radical Bill Ayers. So complicated are laws governing campaign financing that you could probably indict a cheeseburger .
Anyone who is familiar with this website is probably aware of our opposition to Barack Obama. Unfortunately, our legal team, headed by Stewart Gatz has advised us that we should bring this web site into voluntary compliance with the fairness doctrine. In practical terms, this means giving equal time to the Obama campaign to present their opinions. Tasteless News Network will continue to present its unique coverage of national and world events. Unfortunately, we must adjust to the new order. Our political analysts anticipate Democratic gains in Congress. This makes a Democratic majority and therefore a Fairness Doctrine quite likely a prospect. For this reason we have appointed Sigmund Hile our Director of fairness and diversity. As a gesture of good will to the Obama Campaign, we are presenting three pro Obama ads. One is an Obama video with stirring patriotic music that I am sure our listeners will appreciate. The other is about Obama's support for hope and change. The other is a photo montage of the Obama campaign with a backdrop of contemporary music. We hope the Obama campaign will appreciate our voluntary compliance with the fairness doctrine. We thank you, dear readers for your understanding.

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