Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts About The Obama Nomination And A Musical Dedication

I watched the convention tonight. fortunately, I was on a live internet chat with frients from the American Sentinel. That is a site to which I am now a regular contributor. I find I share a lot of values and opinions with them. The convention was visually and musically a choreographed event it was intended to awe and tug at the heart strings.When I separated the words from the designer backdrop it was like seeing little ideas dressed in a suit that was five sizes too large. Leni Riefenstahl would have given the whole affair a C+. Before the Obama campaign started its intimidation campaign to suppress the Obama Ayers commercial, I would have considered the comparison with a Nazi propagandist to be in poor taste. Now I think the comparison is acceptable.
I have always felt that political conventions were giant photo ops with no substance. This convention has nothing to offer that changes my mind.
I live among many immigrants who appreciate the opportunities that the Obamas have enjoyed in America. They Obamas enjoy these opportunities and yet make a good living denying that these opportunities exist.
Cubans and Russians appreciate our freedom and the relative bloodlessness of what ethnic strife we do have in America. I have observed the lives that these and other minorities have built in America. These are people who waited in line and came in legally. Here in Brooklyn, you can get music from all over. I get names of bands from taxi drivers and then get the music on You Tube. In honour of the many immigrants who see the beauty of America that the Obamas are paid to denigrate, I am presenting some of my favourite songs. One is a song called "Autumn" from the Russian band DDT. The other song is from the Habana Blues Band, which was featured fairly recently in a film. In honour of Barack Obama, I am including a video clip of the Chinese armed forces on parade. I know that Obama admires the Chinese and thinks we could learn from them, so I'm sure he would appreciate this little song dedication on the occasion of his nomination(It would be bad taste to mention the fondness Obama and the Chinese share for late term abortions ). So I will take this happy occasion of his nomination to reflect on his interesting ideas about freedom of speech , unilateral disarmanent and so many other ideas of Obama that are giving Americans second thoughts. I hope my readers will enjoy this musical selection that I have put together in honour of the Obama nomination.

DDT Autumn

Chinese Military Parade With Music Dub

La Habana Blues band Sphere: Related Content

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