Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts About Obama's Uh Speeches and A Call For Bloggers To Help His Family and Village in Kenya

There is more to Obama than Lying. Sometimes, maybe about once every forty five minutes, he changes his stated opinion. (His real opinions are a closely guarded secret.) And once in a great while, a profound thought will occur to Barack Obama, arriving like a Chicago city after midnight at t rare intervals .
What does Obama do as he is waiting for his next great thought? Is he writing a check to his brother in Kenya? Is he building a school for his ancestral village? While waiting for his next great thought, when he is waiting for the technician to turn on his teleprompter , Obama is usually uh
he is usually uh.....
Trust me. Obama is good for Uhmerica. If you don't believe me, then watch um these ahhh videos and umm make up your ahhh mind for yourself . Remember when people used to say he is articulate.
On a morer serious note, I am truly saddened by the poverty of Obama's relatives. If anyone can e-mail me with a real and honest link to a charity that is donating money to his village and his family, I will announce it on my site and donate to it myself. I think Americans can and should make good on Obama's promises. Perhaps his forgotten vows will spur others to do good for his family in Kenya. Sphere: Related Content

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