Friday, August 22, 2008

T.N.N. (Tasteless News Network) A Dispatch and a Press release from Manuel Layber on His Obama Campaign Website

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The Manuel Layber blog is still up on the Obama website. You can see it yourself. His lates activity is his defense of peanut wrappers. These are the people who put the brown paper wrappers on peanuts. You don't think about them. I don't think about them. But Manuel Layber does. And Barack Obama's campaign gives him a platform. The big tent that is the democratic Party has a place for Manuel Layber. Sure the tent may have a few pegs missing but so what?

Manuel Layber Defends Peanut Wrappers
Manuel Layber kicked off his grand tour of the American South today. The theme will be "Protecting our Farm Workers." Mr. Layber intends to visit Plains, Georgia and secure guarantees from peanut magnate Jimmy Carter where he will discuss the plight of peanut farm workers.

"I am not concerned about the men on tractors." said Mr. Layber. "They are well paid. What concerns me are the people who wrap the peanuts in brown paper before they get put in the shell. The paper fits perfectly. There is no seam on the paper from shrink wrapping. How do these people live? Are they exposed to hazardous fumes when they glue the shells back together? I opened a peanut the other day and I found a piece of paper rolled up inside. It said "PLEASE HELP US". When my son(he's back from the army on leave) saw it he started laughing, and I realised that my children don't care enough about the downtrodden. So now they are coming with me on my human rights tour.We are going to Georgia to organise the peanut wrappers into a union. It is important to defend the poor and the downtrodden. I am meeting with Jimmy Carter because he cares about poor people. He was one of the poorest presidents in American history. My son says he put the paper in the peanut shell as a joke. It's good that he did, because the peanut wrappers were probably too afraid to speak up. I'm proud of my son. (For sticking up for peanut wrappers , not for going to Iraq) Even if he says he would rather spend his leave waterboardingskiing . He's a real right winger, but I think he is just rebelliing against his upbringing. He said he was voting for McCain, but I think he was just kidding with me.

I hope we are successful. I hope Barack Obama will help the peanut farmers in Georgia. I hear he is really nice to his family in Kenya. He even met them twice. I am sure he wil help us. He will be a poor President Just like Jimmy Carter.

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