Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vote For McCain and Don't Forget About Congress

Presidential elections are very important in determining the direction of a country. The chief executive in America appoints cabinet appointees who guide their respective agencies according to his political philosophy, and he can appoint Supreme Court justices who will influence the direction of the country for possibly decades to come.
John McCain is narrowing his gap in the polls with Barack Obama. The contrast between their respective friends is a telling glimpse into character and the milieu in which the crucial decisions of the future will be made.
We should not ignore the critical role of the Senate and the House of Representatives in validating or modifying the role of the chief executive. Robert Bork stands as an example for the generations of how the Senate can thwart a qualified nominee for partisan reasons. Under the sinister guise of the "fairness doctrine", the Democratic Party wants to micromanage the airwaves to their advantage and to squelch political dissent. Though they assign the label "pro choice" to their advocacy of abortion, they are anti choice when it comes to tax monies supporting private schools. Those sending their children to religious schools pay tuition and taxes for schools to which they do not send their children. The Democrats, who are against"regressive taxes" have nothing to say about roadblocks in the path of working class religious taxpayers who face daunting obstacles in finding an appropriate education for their children. There are many examples of a fundamental divergence of vision between the two political parties. There are questions such as the security of our borders and participation in international treaties for which both parties have unsatisfactory answers. After first Tuesday, the voice of the people on these crucial issues must be voiced forcefully.
Do not ignore local elections. In casting your vote for president, choose Senators and Representatives who will validate the vision you have for America. If you live in areas that are one party fiefdoms, work to strengthen a viable opposition. New York City is such a place. In New York, the Republican Party is the shadow of the Democrats, much as the "opposition" parties were in the former East Germany. Almost all local contests are "thrown" to the Democrats, except in Staten Island.
Civil liberties, energy independence, fostering economic vitality and border security are all critical issues. The Republican Party may fall short in addressing a lot of these questions, but they are far more amenable to new ideas than are the Democrats. There are exceptions. There are conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans. There are a lot of local variations from the tone of the national party.Ask yourself in what direction you want the country to go. The old Viking ships had a captain and oarsmen. To move the ship of state forward, you need oarsmen rowing together. Vote your vision for the country. It's not just about McCain and Obama. Look at every brush stroke in the big picture. Sphere: Related Content


NYSmike said...

The trouble the country is in is due to the fact that from 2000-2006 the republicans controlled all branches in Washington. That cannot happen again. I will be voting against Obama and for McCain, but for congressional and senate seats I will be voting democrat all the way. What will happen in this scenario is that McCain will have to work with the democrats and hopefully a bipartisan solution will result.

sjs said...

Why do you think the republican party is more amendable to new ideas than the democrats? Who do you think has been president in th elast four years-a republican-and there have been no new ideas.