Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Brief Look at Some English Folk Rock

hThe Hiring Fair by Fairport Convention

One of my favourite genres of music is "folk rock". In general it is the place where popular music blends with traditional forms. In the United Kingdom, one of the all time great folk rock groups from the sixties and seventies was Fairport Convention. Their songs were traditional melodies a traditional arrangements. Many songs give the feel of past eras such as "The Deserter" (Not presented here) set in Victorian England or "The Hiring Fair". Which is a touching romantic song in the form of a story.

Another group that is stylistically similar is "Pentangle" from around the same time. So far flung is the English folk rock influence that a Norwegian group called "Folque" actually recorded a song from Pentangle in Norwegian. The influence of the Vikings in English history makes such a musical connection seem almost mystical.

Some of the best music by Fairport Convention was done when Sandy Denny was their lead vocalist. Although she set out on her own, the group continued to make great music.

I am confident that there will always be periodic revivals of interest in folk music and creative ways of connecting it with modern audiences.

I hope my readers and listeners will be inspired to seek out more of this type of music. I would welcome news of more new performers in this inspiring form of musical entertainment. Sphere: Related Content

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