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British Landlady Ordered To Pay Convicted Rapist Damages For Evicting Him Illegally / My Thoughts About Ed Koch

Landlady in U.K. Ordered to Pay Damages to Serial Rapist She Evicted

When I read a story like this, I wonder what kind of "tea" the judge was drinking. Melody Goymer, a British landlady had rented an apartment to Thomas Cope, a 55 year old man convicted of raping a teenage girl in the apartment he rented from Ms. Goymer.

In his suit, he complained that Ms. Goymer evicted him following his arrest without first obtaining a court order. The apartment was in terrible condition. A stench from rotting food had set in as a result of the electricity being cut off. Cope was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. He complained of the "stress" the eviction caused him .

Deputy Judge Smith, who heard the case ordered Goymer to pay Cope the equivalent of $1500.00 in damages noting "What would have happened if he had been released on bail or found not guilty? He was unlawfully evicted and his possessions were wrongly removed and wrongly retained."

To compound the injury, Cope has asked for an additional $26000.00 in damages.

The fact is, Cope was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. If Ms. Goymer must pay Cope anything, the money should go straight to his victim.

The final travesty in this article was mentioned only in passing towards the end of the article. Thomas Cope, though sentenced to life imprisonment as a serial rapist is eligible for parole in four and a half years !


Landlady ordered to pay damages to serial rapist for clearing his flat after arrest

By Andrew Levy
Last updated at 7:36 AM on 08th September 2008

A serial rapist has been awarded compensation after his landlady cleared his flat of his belongings while he was awaiting trial.

Thomas Cope, 55, tied up his teenage victim with a computer mouse cord and raped her twice before letting her go after an eight hour ordeal.

He was jailed for life after a judge branded him 'a serious danger to women'.

Serial rapist Thomas Cope has sued his former landlady for wrongful eviction

But in a publicly funded county court case, the former debt collector sued Melody Goymer for clearing his flat - where he raped his latest victim - following his arrest.

The court ruled grandmother Mrs Goymer, 60, had unlawfully terminated Cope's tenancy by failing to seek a court order for possession of the flat in Hailsham, Sussex.

The judgement was described yesterday as 'shocking' and 'sickening' by critics, including a rape charity.

Cope was flanked by two prison custody officers as he complained that items including a 20in TV, computer desks, coffee table and tin openers had been put into storage.

Landlady Melody Goymer removed Cope's goods days after he was arrested

He admitted Mrs Goymer, who rents three properties in the Eastbourne area, was a 'very good' landlady but said he had been 'angry and stressed' by the eviction.

'It has caused problems between me and my wife,' he told Eastbourne County Court.

'On two or three occasions she has stopped phoning and writing to me because of it. 'I've just been banging my head against a brick wall since I've been in prison.'

Cope - who was living alone in the flat after moving out of the home he shared with his wife, Ann - was first jailed for rape for four years in 1976.

He received eight years for rape in 1979, five years in 1985 for indecent assault and another ten years for attempted rape in 1990.

He is currently serving a life sentence for attacking a 19-year-old woman on April 25, 2006.

Judge Austin Issard-Davies, sitting at Hove Crown Court in Sussex in June last year, ordered him to serve a minimum of four-and-a-half years for the latest offence before being considered for parole.

Read complete story here My thanks to Political Correctness Watch
for featuring this story

Ed Koch, a former mayor for whom I never voted has endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. Despite her consistent approval ratings in steady excess of 80%, with voters of all persuasions in Alaska, Koch says he finds Sarah Palin to be “frightening”. He cites her alleged request to banbooks when she served as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

When the Wasilla book banning episode came to light, it originally involved a list of books. Further investigation consigned that list to the annals of urban legend. It turned out that the question was open ended and hypothetical. When I was a child, certain books in the library were kept in a locked cabinet. Others were deemed to be too marginal to include in the library’s selection. It seems that Palin is the subject of selective scrutiny.

It turned out that Palin’s request for the librarian’s resignation was standard in that part of Alaska. Unlike New York, many city jobs in Alaska are filled with mayoral appointees rather than from a civil service list. One might well criticise the political culture of Alaska in comparison with that of other states. But such criticism should not be confused with criticism of its governor.

Koch displayed breathtaking naivete in his treatment of Israel and the Middle East in his endorsement.

“Both parties and their candidates have made clear, before and during this election campaign their understanding of the need to support Israel and oppose acts of terrorism waged against it by Hamas and other Muslim supporters of terrorism.” stated Koch in his interview with Journalist Ben Smith.

Overlooked by Koch is the twenty four hour flip flop in which Obama issued a thundering endorsement of a united Jerusalem, only to retract it within twenty four hours. Both Koch and Obama know the New York political axiom that you need three I’s to take New York City’s vote. Italy, Ireland and Israel are all dear to decisive constituencies in New York City politics. Like an ardent suitor, Obama has courted Jewish voters with protestations of love for Israel. Will he remember his promises the morning after election d

ay? He sounds a lot like Jimmy Carter did in 1976. And Jimmy Carter didn’t even have a bunch of radical friends back then.

A basic axiom of civic responsibility is to question a candidate’s promises. Ed Koch has had a lengthy career as a film critic since leaving office. The ability to suspend disbelief that is so essential in the enjoyment of cinema remains toxic when employed in politics. It has been almost twenty years since Koch left office. Perhaps some of his political memories have faded as well.

Although Ed Koch was defeated by David Dinkins, the two have been united in their criticism of Rudy Giuliani both during and after his time as mayor. This is understandable. Although Koch balanced the books and pulled the city from bankruptcy, the view from the streets was much the same during the Koch years as it was during the years of the Dinkins administration. Open drug sales, the regular sound of gunfire in the streets as well as graffiti metastasizing across the urban landscape were as much a feature of life under Koch as they were under Dinkins. Giuliani was the first to question the assumption that New York City is ungovernable. Much to the ambarassment of his predecessors, Giuliani showed the world a real mayor .

Like a bad hangover, I still remember the grating, nasal voice of Ed Koch criticising Rudy Giuliani for throwing Yasir Arafat out of a diplomatic reception at Lincoln Center. It is not hard to imagine the timid advice he would offer on foreign policy to Obama as president.

I have not been happy with Mike Bloomberg as mayor. Some of the social ills such as crime and graffiti are returning like a persistent disposition towards athlete’s foot. His nanny state philosophy of governance annoys me enough to make me want to take up smoking as a political statement. The grating sound of Ed Koch pontificating on politics brings back a flood of memories from the years of his administration. The grime, the crime and the corruption that came to light at the end of the Koch years all come back to me in a flood of memories. Suddenly Bloomberg is looking much better.

Koch doesn’t like what Sara Palin did as mayor of Wasilla? I don’t like what he did to New York. If you lived in New York under Koch and under Giuliani, you would find a Giuliani endorsement far more persuasive than one from Ed Koch. America needs a President who will question the limits of its potential, who will seek do redefine what is possible. Giuliani did that when he was mayor. Koch did not. If you are going to vote according to a mayoral endorsement, listen to Giuliani and vote McCain Palin in 2008.

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Pawel said...

Even though the rapist committed a crime, the landlady was still bound by contract law. Just because Cope is in prison does not mean that the legal system no longer applies to her. Saying otherwise would be tantamount to stealing money from a bank because no one is looking.

Of course the rape is not a good thing, and, from an ethical point of view, the man has every right to be evicted, this is a legal matter, and from a legal point of view, Mrs. Goymer was still bound by a legal contract.