Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Readers:

After seven months of running, I have started affiliating with American Sentinel . A large percentage of my views and interests are compatible withe their site. Additionally, it is possible that I will be earning money from articles I post on their site. American Sentinel has far higher circulation than does Accordingly, I will continue to post articles of Jewish interest as well as articles on cultural topics in their entirety to this site Esperanto rock music as well as articles expressing my withering contempt for Ehud Olmert, for instance will not be posted to American Sentinel I will post an introductory paragraph as well as a link to American Sentinel on those articles I deem to be of general interest.

Those readers who click directly to or will have to click one additional time to read my entire article if it is an American Sentinel article. I hope my loyal readers will stay with me through this minor inconvenience. I hope in particular that my Israel Forum readers will continue to show the appreciation that has been such an encouragement to me.

I have strived to maintain continuity and quality for both blogs as I widen my reading audience. I hope with G-d's help to be successful Sphere: Related Content

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