Friday, September 19, 2008

Interesting News from Postville/ Notes From New York About Palin and the Ahmadinejad Rally

Bernard Feldman, the new chief executive of Agriprocessors, the kosher meat packing plant in Postville Iowa announced fundamental changes in the management of the meat packing plant that was shaken by a huge immigration raid back in May. Feldman is a lawyer who specialises in corporate turnarounds. He has been given sweeping executive powers in reorganising the management of the troubled plant. What is most significant is that he has stated his intention of negotiating the unionisation of the plant.

Feldman has a relationship of mutual respect with the Rubashkin family, which owns the meat processing plant in Postville, according to an article that appeared today in Vos iz Neias .

“Let me say this: I have a deep regard for the Rubashkin family,” he said. “I am one of those attorneys that will only undertake an engagement if I believe wholeheartedly in the cause.” said Mr. Feldman according to the Vos iz Neias article.

Although there is understandable concern among kosher consumers about meat prices, an agreement with unions that is negotiated by someone with respect for the Rubashkin family is much more likely to be productive in the long run. There are pressing arguments for fair labour practices not only in the kosher food industry but elsewhere. To have those who are respectful of orthodox Judaism addressing these issues is far better than to have questionable organisations like PETA and Hechsher Tsedik using legitimate issues to press their questionable agendas.

It is entirely legitimate to be concerned about the motives of militant vegetarians and non orthodox rabbis in addressing these issues. The change in management and accompanying changes offer considerable promise in addressing the issues raised since the immigration raid in May. Success in this new chapter of the meat packing plant in Postville will be in everyones best interest. Magdeburger Joe extends his best wishes to the Rubaskin family and their employees.

Notes From New York About Sarah Palin and The Anti-Ahmadinejad Rally

New York City stands with Cuba, Vietnam and Korea as a one party state. Its government has abrogated federal immigration laws. Its mayor has declared the city to be a sanctuary from their enforcement. The Republican party is nothing more than a lap dog of the Democratic Party machine.

There is a lot of grass roots political conservatism in New York and no viable political party to give it a voice. Jews, African Americans and Hispanics all send many of their children to religious schools. There is strong support for vigorous law enforcement in communities with low income. Although there is scattered representation for the concerns of regular New Yorkers, unfortunately, the Democratic Party dispenses a lot of favours. From jobs to funding of community organisations, the Democrats have leverage. And they are not shy about using it.

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mfl said...

Wasn't Guiliani a republican and didn't Bloomberg win as a republican?

Magdeburger Joe said...

That does not prove anything. Both mayors have continued the city's policy of nonenforcement of immigration laws. Both have supported gay rights and abortion. There is very little Republican about them. Ed Koch once was nominated by the Democrats and the Republicans. I was only surprised that the ballot was not printed in the Cyrillic alphabet.The so called opposition parties in the former East Germany used to be faded copies of the Socialist Unity Party (SED) as well.

Wally Banners said...

George Bush has hurt the United States of America more than Osama Bin Laden ever did. From his Failure to Avenge America from 9/11 to his incompetence in New Orleans. Now our Economy is back to the Great Depression Era. The GOP shoves some senile lifetime Senator in front of the Public and demands that we trust it. GOP can't win wars, GOP can't handle the Economy,GOP doesn't care about the People. GOP = American Al Qaeda.