Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Lesson in Class From Alaska and A Plea for the Same From the Lower Forty Eight

News reports from Alaska say that news of details of the Palin family's personal situation were common knowledge, but it was not discussed. Alaska has a population about a quarter that of Brooklyn. They probably know the difference between caring and being nosy. It's sad that as soon as Palin's difficulties reached the "lower 48", then all of the garbage pickers climbed on board.

Palin's daughter had one strike against her from the start. Men don't get pregnant. And the biological consequences of pregnancy will always fall upon the woman.With all of the talk of women's rights the reaction in the media and among opportunist liberals is far more judgemental towards Palin's daughter than it is towards a male partner in an unwed pregnancy.

Palin's daughter could have had an abortion. That would have been the perfect crime. No witnesses would come forward. Doctors would be bound by federal law to silence. The family photo ops would have looked perfect. But Palin is made of sterner stuff. She didn't throw her unborn child under the bus, and she didn't strong arm her child into getting an abortion either. It's strange, but seeing a pregnancy to term is socially frowned upon, yet even multiple abortions can maintain a facade of chastity. It is clear that virtue does not carry with it the proper rewards. But that doesn't matter to the Palin family. The only abortion to come out of this whole affair was that of Levi Johnston's Facebook page. And how many parents out there have taken down an offensive facebook page?

The polls are showing that the Republicans have been hurt by this entire situation. The public is probably wondering if the prospective Vice President will be consumed in personal concerns. One thing I can say from personal experience is that large families have a way of looking out for each other. Mr. Palin has already stepped up to the plate to shoulder a larger portion of homemaking duties. If Ms. Palin thinks she is up to being a heartbeat away from the oval office, then that should end the discussion.

One good thing to come of this election is the breaking of barriers to high office. Being willing to consider African Americans and women as presidential candidates enlarges the pool from which the best person might be selected. For this alone, Obama and Palin deserve our thanks.

Discussing a candidate's record in office, his political alliances and mentors is totally legitimate. Discussing the frailties of his or her family is a downward spiral into a cesspool most Americans would like to avoid. The indiscretions of adults are one thing, but the flawed choices of teenagers and their consequences should be viewed with compassion.

The renewed affection of the mainstream media for chastity and traditional gender roles seems both selective and opportunist. Americans who have seen their children through the the teen years know what a battle it is raising children to make the right choices. Like Obama's grand European tour, this national orgy of sanctimony will leave a bad aftertaste. Lets cut out trashing candidate's children and doing the Monday evening quarterback routine with their parenting. On Wednesday November 5th we all be neighbours under a President some of us won't approve of. We will have to live then with each other and ourselves Sphere: Related Content

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