Monday, September 22, 2008

A Musical Shoutout From Inuit Country To McCain Palin

The entire country was appalled at the bad taste shown on the Saturday Night live skit making incest jokes about the Palin family. The entire approach of the major media towards Alaska has been condescending and contemptuous. Investigative reporters have combed the state for dirt and come up with precious little.

What do we know about America's 49th State ? It is one fifth of America's land mass yet it is the least populous of the fifty states. What do we know about the Inuit and their conversion to russian Orthodox Christianity by Russian missionaries? Do we know about the Old Believers, a dissident sect of Russian Orthodox Christianity?

Do we know about how mail is delivered in remote areas of Alaska? What does the Inuit language sound like? The media should be entertaining us with some Alaskan trivia but it hasn't happened. I am stepping in and filling the gap with some Inuit rap music in the Inuit language. Rap music is a hard sell with me but this is a really nice song. The Inuits span across North America nad even to Greenland. Their sense of consanguinity transcends national borders to some extent

Additionally, I am including a video of an Alaskan Gwich'in Indian performer who mixes English and his own language in a country song. It is really beautiful music from another ethnic group native to Alaska.

I hope others will join me in treating Alaskan people and culture with the respect that they deserve. I hope my readers enjoy this musical selection, which I have dedicated to Sarah Palin and her running mate John McCain

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WomanHonorThyself said...

great work on Sarah Palin..I posted on this as well!..the music is fab too!