Friday, September 5, 2008

A Note To My Readers About Ratings Suicide

It has been seven months since I started and I really enjoy championing causes and subjects that are of interest to me. I am learning ways to package and choose my articles that up my ratings. My combined hit total for both sites is almost 8000 hits since opening shop. I am very happy to announce that American Sentinel is now carrying my political articles along with their conservative social commentary. I am inspired by their roster of great columnists. They are one of several audiences to whom I simultaneously cater. I look forward to working with them.

I have tried hard to increase my ratings. But I have come to a difficult decision. I have some interests for which there is almost no public interest among an English language readership. Esperanto rock music, Albanian cartoons and endangered languages will always be dear to my heart. I will continue to feature such items, even if the interest is mimimal. I want to write readable prose for my audience. But I would rather draw a skeptical reader through a well written article than to perpetually pander by cutting out obscure topics and postings.

Both and will each run an article every week that will be a "ratings suicide" column. It will be an out of mainstream topic. I hope it will broaden the interests of my readers. I need such columns to maintain the courage to defend tastes and opinions that might be unpopular. It is a mental exercise. It may hurt my ratings. But I don't care. If I get five visitors in a day, I am touched that five strangers have spent time on my site, considering my opinions.

Today's "ratings suicide topic is Romanian rock music. I am posting some amazing rock music from post communist Romania. I am fascinated by that country because it is the only former Soviet satelite country in which a Romance language was the lingua franca. Although they were very friendly to the U.S. under Nixon, their domestic policy was among the most repressive in the Eastern Europe under communist rule.

The two songs I am featuring are by the groups "Cargo" and "Compact". They are as good as many American rock bands. I hope my listeners enjoy this music , which is currently popular in Romania.

Romanian Rock Group "Compact"

Romanian Rock Group" Cargo"
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1 comment:

Brian Barker said...

Saluton Rudi!

I am sure there are people who are unaware that Esperanto rock music even exists?

May I therefore suggest or better still google "Vinilkosmo"