Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obama's New Anthem and the New Obama Religion: An E-Mail to His Students By Dr. Danforth Dingbatzky

Leaked to T.N.N. (Tasteless News Network)

Can't you feel the change in the air ? There is hope !!! Barack Obama has inspired all the voters in Paris and Berlin. From the Arc De Triomphe to the Brandenburg Gate, Obama has delivered his message to his European disciples. Now he has come to America to lead us in the path of his righteous vision. First he changed the flag on his plane to an Obama logo designed by the famous eastern mystic Toka Bong to channel cosmic energy into building a new society

Now that we have an Obamian State Seal, we have also an Obamian anthem. When he becomes our Leader in the new society, you will need to know the lyrics to this wonderful song. For your convenience and to facilitate your integration into the New Order, it is advised that you memorise this music and lyrics. You will be tested.

All of you have studied scripture with Chairman Reverend Dr. Obama, who has revealed with his prophetic insight the tenets of his new religion that will supersede all previously existing faiths. Although you are completely free to cling to your out dated religion, there will be a test on the tenets of Obamianity. To fully inculcate in my students an appreciation of the Obama Wright path, there will be a test in Obamianity that will be composed of essay questions. It will comprise fifty percent of your final grade. Please feel free to speak your mind when writing the essay. The video with this class announcement will help prepare you for this very important test. Do not be nervous if you fail. You can make up the credits in my summer reeducation camp.

There is no chosen people. There are no apostles to spread the message of this great new faith. There is only the revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat that you are privileged to join. For only sixty thousand dollars of university tuition and four years of university credits earned in my classes, you too can join the revolutionary vanguard for hope and change. Every day will be party time, Obama party time.

Song About New Obama Religion

Obamian Anthem

The song about Obama religion has a content advisory on You Tube. I have included the link. I could find no obscenity in the video at all Sphere: Related Content

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mfl said...

When a campaign uses a plane for its own use, the campaign will typically change its markers to reflect the campaign. This was done by Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John Kerry, and John McCain.