Monday, September 15, 2008

Palestine Authority The Nakhba for Arab Christians / McCain and Obama Weigh in on Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy

Christians living under the Palestine Authority

The situation of Christians living under the Palestine Authority continues to deteriorate daily. Bethlehem, which once had a Christian majority now has a Christian minority of little more than 10% of its population. Stories abound of kidnapping ,extortion and rape to which a blind eye is usually turned by the Palestine authority.

Egyptian Coptic Christians are in a similar situation. Like Christians living under the Palestine authority, a mere rumour is enough to set off days of rioting and pogroms in which besieged Christians live in fear of their lives.

The blood line of many Christians in the Middle East goes back to the earliest converts to Christianity. Unfortunately, their plight is met by Christians in the West with silence and indifference. The Maronites, a sect of Catholics that is loyal to the Pope in Rome and prays in Aramaic is a conduit for information on the plightof their coreligionists to the Vatican, which maintains current and accurate information on the world scene through its international network of clergy and lay employees. It is reasonable to suppose that the Catholic Church has opted for quiet diplomacy on behalf of their besieged brethren.Records show this approach to have yielded extremely limited results.

Spreading the word about persecution of Christians is the first step in alleviating the situation. Like the Soviet Jews in the sixties and seventies, perhaps some form of trade and diplomatic linkage might work to better the situation of Christians in the Middle East and the Islamic world. As an American, I would like my government to recognise endangered and persecuted groups as having priority in immigrating to the U.S.

Christians under Islamic rule, Mandaeans and Yazidis in Iraq and Iran and Hindus in Pakistan are among those in the world who endure harsh restrictions and persecution. I would like America's doors to be open to such people. It is with sadness that I say this, because many cultural treasures are often lost in flight from persecution. From buildings and art to priceless manuscripts that shed light on the history of faiths and peoples, refuge comes with a price to posterity. But the sanctity of human life trumps all of these considerations.

As a Jew whose family was given refuge by America, I have a duty to show compassion to the persecuted of this generation. I am one blogger with a tiny readership. I hope that others will add their voices to mine on behalf of the persecuted of this generation. I do not want to live with the shame of silence and inaction. Those who are enslaved must hear the voices of free people raised on their behalf.


McCain Proposes Solutions, Obama Apportions Blame

With thousands of jobs at stake and the spectre of a ripple effect in world markets, a problem of this nature requires penetrating analysis and well reasoned solutions.
News of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing reverberated in markets around the world today. The bankruptcy filing is a sharp break with a 158 year history of never reporting [...]

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