Sunday, September 28, 2008

Questions of Jewish Parents/Obama and Free Speech

I came to Judaism in my early twenties. I have been married more than twenty five years. Some of my children are already married. I come to raising a Jewish family with some disadvantages.

My children all have gone to Jewish schools. I did not. The rules in my community and my home are far stricter than those I grew up with, even though some consider me a bit lenient. This means that my ability to empathise with my children is a product of creative thinking rather than shared experience.

My coming to Judaism had aspects of rebellion that preceded my submission to Torah authority. This is something my children have a hard time understanding.

A whole generation of children whose parents were baalei teshuva is now growing up. Many of us had religious grandparents. Our children mostly have grandparents who are non-orthodox.

What effect do cell phones and the internet have on orthodox Jewish kids growing up today?

What about the pressure to learn full time in kollel? The percentage of young people in kollel is going higher and higher. Do they all belong there? Or would it be better for them to have evening shiurim after a year of kollel?

The orthodox world is producing more chumras (strictnesses). Are they for G-d or for the neighbours? When I look at the Burka ladies in Beit Shemesh, it seems like we might be trying to keep up with the Muslims and leaving some of our own children behind.

It is a much different world today than it was when I got married in the 1980's. As a young newlywed, I thought I would reach my fifties with some answers. Instead the list of questions keeps growing


Leonard Nimoy Both Sides Now


Vote For Free Speech !! Vota Against Obama !!!

With his campaign’s latest actions in Missouri, Barack Hussein Obama has opened a second race in addition to that against John McCain to be President. This race is between the belief in lively and vigorous free speech and the timid anxiety of a society in which the opposition is silenced by the government.The spectre of four years under a President who will attempt to prosecute the statements of his political opponents is frightening to many Americans. New Americans from Cuba, Haiti, China and as well as other totalitarian countries must surely be frightened at a candidate whose friends are so fond of America’s enemies
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