Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ratings Suicide for This Week: Fifties Oldies in Croatian/Thoughts About The Nanny State

"Roses Are Red My Love(Sung in Croatian)

All this talk about the music hechsher gives me a bad case of claustrophobia. I've had reggae tunes dancing through my head ever since this discussion started. I divide my music into two categories. There is music that is enjoyable and not harmful. And there is music that is somehow beneficial in cultivating a mood that is conducive to doing what is right in my life. Some music is conducive to study, other music lifts the spirits. Left to my own, I listen to a lot of Jewish music, but I could never live in a place where a "modesty squad" would bust up my CD collection.

It is interesting to watch a song pass from one language to another . Sometimes the words are changed completely so that the meaning is unrecognisable. Other times there are slight changes in the literal meaning that leave the general sense intact . Country Yossi did a Yiddish version of a Kenny Rogers song called "The Gambler which was actually an improvement on the original. That is saying a lot, because The Gambler is one of the all time great country songs.

One common denominator between my beliefs about music and those of the chareidim is a conviction that music is powerful and should be used to strive towards being a better person. I am not a learned enough person to discuss this on a high level of Jewish scholarship. Most of my insights are from personal experience. I hope my readers will appreciate these two songs "Ruze Su Crvene" by Crveni Korali and "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers


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