Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Chilling Message From the Democrat's "Brave New World"

Democrats support legislative tricks like the "Fairness Doctrine" to tilt the media playing field in their favour. Fighting against "offensive speech" and dampening political discourse with accusations of "racism" are their preferred mode of operation. Despite their ability to put across a campaign for Obama masquerading as news, they still want to squelch dissent wherever they may find it.

I do not oppose giving the opposition a voice. I am reprinting in its entirety an article on a blog supporting Obama. Although it shows coherent prose and correct grammar. It is truly chilling. It portrays a political landscape of Orwellian dimensions. I could not do a better caricature than the authour from this blog did him or her self. I am including the link to the article and to the blog. No one can accuse me of quoting out of context


Very soon Barack Obama will be your new President. This is a reality you cannot alter or escape from. It is fact. It is history. It is justice for the world.

Many of you have seen the light and have accepted the truth. And we thank you for your support and aid in electing Barack Obama.

To those who have rejected the truth you have no reason to fear Barack Obama. He is wise and just and he will follow the principals followed by his African forefathers. Barack Obama is the son of Kings and Queens who started human civilization thousands of years ago. Barack Obama remembers his heritage and his obligations to the Truth, Justice and the Future.

Barack Obama understands what is wrong and what needs to be done. Barack Obama has intelligence and vision that has lasted for over a millennium. Barack Obama was born with the appropriate ways of thinking, speaking, and acting and this will inspire you to be liberated for now there is no shackle which can keep you enslaved.

An African Proverb tell us: “Then command the servant, thusly: Make an Elder's staff causing my son to stand in my place I will instruct him through the speech of the listeners and the counsels of the first of the ancients who listened to the divinities. In so doing troubles will be removed from the people.”

Barck Obama is here now to listen, to instruct and will lead you to your new life.

America will have a new start. A change to right itself. A change to correct its wrongs and address its sins. If you support change that will bring forth social and economic justice, you will stand with Barack Obama. Those who have been denied justice in America will get justice. Those will have been denied opportunity will be given opportunity. Those will falsely imprisoned will be freed. Those who are guilty will be punished. America’s salvation is at hand.

Those who have profited in America will play a role helping others. Justice requires equality and fairness and those who have the means will now be fair and will contribute to equality.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored you for your work, sacrifice, dedication and devotion on behalf of all oppressed peoples.

Stand with Barack Obama and you will be honored and celebrated and remembered in song and praise and by your children.


And if we do not "Stand with Barack Obama?" What will happen? I am voting as though democracy depended on it. Sphere: Related Content

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not a dem anymore said...

Yuk....why would that make anyone want to vote for obama? creepy if you ask me.