Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Mickey Mouse !!!!!!

Steamboat Willie

Mickey Mouse Plane Crazy

Mickey Mouse is 80 years old this year. It is interesting looking at the early cartoons. They seem to be heavily influenced by silent movies which relied on visual humour annd communication. Music also played a similar role to that played in the silent movies of that time.

"Plane Crazy" shows how infatuated the country was with Charles Lindbergh, who had not yet at that time tarnished his fame with Nazi sympathies.

Walt Disney's animation career predates Mickey Mouse by at least eight years. He incorporated Laugh o Gram films in 1920, which lasted two years before going bankrupt.

Mickey Mouse is known around the world. Although his name is recognisable in most languages, it is hard to recognise in some, although the image remains the same the world over.

Bosnian Miki Maus
Chinese ??? (pinyin: mi laoshu) or ?? (miqí)
Czech Mickey Mouse
Danish Mickey Mouse
Dutch Mickey Mouse
Esperanto Micjo Muso
Finnish Mikki Hiiri
French Mickey Mouse (France); Mickey or Mickey Mouse(Quebec)
German Micky Maus
Hungary Miki Egér
Icelandic Mikki Mús
Indonesian Miki Tikus
Italian Topolino
Japanese ??????? (mikkii mausu)
Korean ?? ??? (Mikki Maus)
Lithuanian Peliukas Mikis
Norwegian Mikke Mus
Polish Myszka Miki
Portuguese Rato Mickey, Camundongo Mickey or Mickey Mouse
Russian ????? ???? (Mikki Maus)
Serbian ???? ???? (Miki Maus)
Bulgarian ???? ???? (Miki Maus)
Spanish Ratón Mickey (Miguelito) or Mickey Mouse
Swedish Musse Pigg
Slovenian Miki Miška
Turkish Miki Fare Sphere: Related Content

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