Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kim Jong Il ,Barack Obama and Fat Boy Slim Singing "I've Got To Praise You.

Following is my world cinema critic Carlo Pincotello with a revolutionary proposal for peace with North Korea. Please approach his ideas with an open mind

In keeping with the principles of free trade, and out of a desire to pay proper homage to the Great One, I am running a video tribute to Barack Hussein Obama. It is only fair that we, the voters and consumers of America have a wide array of video entertainment produced not only in America but overseas as well where the labour costs are lower.

In America, the money it would cost to make a thrirty second commercial and run it on prime time television could probably be used to make a full length feature film in North Korea. Since Kim Jong Il seems to be shortly on his way to assuming room temperature, perhaps the North Korean penchant for personality cults could be channelled into making movies about Barack Obama.

Today, North Korea is in the grip of famine. The only part of their industry that is working well is their military. There is a tremendous incentive for them to sell weapons to rogue states. If they could build an industry around reeducating the American people to appreciate the greatness of their leader, then perhaps they could stop trying to build nuclear weapons.

I am including in this posting two videos of The Great One and of the Dear Leader. The North Korean approach is so much more reverent than the style we have in the west. If everyone could see the wisdom of The Great One, then we wouldn't have any more need for separation of church and state. It would solve so many domestic problems. When you look at the North Korean video clip, just substitute Barack Obama's name for Kim Jong Il and visualise The Way.

What is "The Way"? In the words of Fatboy Slim. "I have to praise you like I should." If Obama is elected on November 4, then you might have to get used to that.

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