Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Comments on Election Fraud,Obama's Inexperience

The Obama campaign is encouraged by the recent Supreme Court decision barring the investigation of questionable voter registrations in Ohio. A new organisation has joined in their effort to enroll previously voiceless constituencies.

FAVOR, which stands for Fictitious American Voters Opposed to Republicans has now stepped up its campaign on multiple fronts. A few examples of their campaign are listed here.

1) FAVOR has started a get out the vote drive in the “dead community” . Obama volunteers have been seen knocking on tombstones in cemetaries around the country. Their campaign song is “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.”

2) The animal rights campaign has stepped up their campaign at animal shelters across the nation, filing suits so that pawprints can be recognised as marks on ballots. Militant fish activists have condemned this disenfranchisement of gilled creatures. Their campaign song is “You ain’t Nuthin But a Hound Dog.” (But You Can Still Vote.)

3) LAMP or Legal Action For Multiple Personalities has demanded voting rights for each multiple personality forced to share a single body. Even those with anger management problems have been registered twice.

“If you’re beside yourself, that means you must be two people. As such you should be able to vote twice.” a LAMP spokesperson explained.

Efforts to register one celled organisms have been stymied by the fact that their life span is well below the minimum voting age. That has not however stopped efforts to lower the voting age.

“Pediatric Americans, or “children” as they are so disparagingly called include millions of Obama supporters who are currently disenfranchised.” read a recent letter signed by a T. Antrum of an organisation called PACT or “Pediatric American Committee for Tots. Efforts to reach Mr. Antrum were unsuccessful due to a “time out ” session declared by his mommy.

“The whole world supports Obama. It’s mid autumn, and half the leaves have fallen from the trees.” noted Ariel Stoner, an Obama activist. So many of those leaves were raked up and discarded when they could have been registered to vote. What a waste.”

There is no telling how many new constituencies might be empowered by the Obama campaign. Pet rocks, for instance that were sold back in the eighties are now in their early thirties have never voted. Ariel Stoner considers this a tragedy.

“The only time people notice rocks is when they are tossed through plate glass windows. We are giving them a peaceful alternative. We are empowering rocks as never before.”

Fortunately , adoption certificates from the seventies for pet rocks have served as proof of age and residency for “rocky” voters. Efforts to involve the Rolling Stones in this effort have not yet borne fruit.

This of course brings us to the subject of registering fruits and vegetables to vote.

“They say that the apple never falls far from the tree.” chuckled Mr. Stoner at the end of our interview. “That may be true. But they can still vote.”

Obama says “Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They Don’t pose a serious threat to us. “…

Iran has a population of 70,500,000. Venezuela has a population of 28,000,000. Cuba has a population of 11,000,000. Iran’s population is greater than that of Italy, France or Great Britain.

When “tiny” Iran had a war with “tiny” Iraq, back in the 1980’s, there were between 160,000 - 240,000 dead. That is at least three times the number of American dead in the Vietnam war. These are all countries that have directly or by proxy threatened American interests.

But don’t worry. As you can see from this video, Barack Obama is learning on the job. Maybe he’ll be ready by election day. Do you want to take a chance?

You may have questions about Obama’s politics. don’t worry, he’ll come to your house and talk it over with you personally. And if Barack Obama, the Great One does not get in the last word, then our fearless mainstream media will investigate Joe the Plumber, John Q Public or anyone who dares to question the omnipotence of the “maximum leader”.

The same networks that have failed to examine Obama’s record in Chicago politics have told us all about Joe the Plumber’s divorce, his tax lien and the fact that he is not a licenced plumber. (Which does not prevent him from doing some plumbing work.)

So if Obama comes down your block and you don’t agree with him, you might want to run for cover, because if you get on the six o’clock news without praise for the Great One, you might be in for an investigation. But don’t worry. This nightmare will only last another two and a half weeks. But if Obama gets elected, it will last another four years. Do you really want to live like that?

Lately, Obama has been talking tough about defense. But he didn’t always talk that way. He used to talk like an antiwar activist condemning American soldiers in Vietnam for “war crimes”. Is Obama “evolving”? Or is he flip flopping? Is he reading the situation? Or is he sizing up his audience? Do you really want to take a chance by electing him?

There is documentary evidence that Republicans were warning of a financial crisis brewing as far back as 2001. Democrats such as Barney Frank were dismissive of these warnings and blocked remedial action. Do you expect the party that blocked a solution to the financial crisis to come up with a solution after they lied about it to the American people?

Examine the evidence. Examine the facts. Can you take a chance with Barack Obama?

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